Favorite guitar players not named......

We all know there names Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Beck Stevie Ray. But who are your favorite guitar players that are not house hold names? Here are a few of mine not in any order.

Robert Fripp
Martin Barre
Richard Thompson
Roy Buchnan
Rory Gallagher
Mason Ruffner
Neil Young and Lindsey Buckingham know but not so much for the guitar work.
also Dave Alvin and Alvin Lee
Wow! You guys know your guitarists. No one mentioned my favorite artist of all: MASON WILLIAMS. No one here will surely care for him over all. That's an odd fact for a man who wrote Classical Gas; the most played instrumental piece ever.  I've been collecting his work for 40 years now. Joe
Some very good picks have been mentioned here!
I would like to include Roy Clark,Mick Ronson,Steve Winwood,Doc Watson,Charlie Christan,John Frusciante,Tommy Emmanuel
Tommy Bolin
Michael Schenker
Brian May
Monte Montgomery 
Ian Moore
Alan Morse......