Favorite genres for fun listening

I see a ton of negative comments about music that I truly love on this site. To me, there’s some really fun music that certainly sounds better on a high end stereo system. 

I have parasound and Krell amps. I have treated power, but the former owner did that not me. Dynaudio studio speakers (7.2.4) although I’m sure that surround would annoy most audiophiles. I have 2 huge SVS subs. I use all of this to listen to various genres of music:


2) EDM/techno/various genres of electronic music

3) rock (old and new)

4) classical 

5) jazz

6) reggae

7) Hawaiian 

8) country 

I go to a lot of shows and the audio is way better in our basement than most shows. It doesn’t matter if it’s rock, EDM, rap etc.

the reason for my post is that some of the odd music just sounds better on a nice system. I love to find random playlists on tidal and let them stream  

songs that I love in the car or Soundbar upstairs or even the club/concert venue, sound awful on the end system. Similarly, weird sounding songs that may seem robotic.


I would love to hear what other genres of music or even specific songs that sounds great to you on your high end system! Thanks!!



larsman I love listening to reggae, but I'm finding it's hard to find good quality recordings of roots reggae music. It doesn't sound as nice as listening in person. 

I am assuming it's because they are digital versions of the vinyl records, and perhaps it would sound better on vinyl itself. 

Electro Swing

Never heard of it before streaming. Artists like Caravan Palace, Caro Emerald and Bart and Baker.

Very uplifting and they sound GREAT!