Favorite Day of the Year for Music

Everyday is a good day for music, but some days would not be complete without it. If I had to narrow it down to one day it would be Christmas Eve. Family, friends, snow in the mountains, a blaze in the fireplace and 'yes' the music of the season. I am curious to know your favorite??
Good question. Got to think about it....
Coltrane all day on Thanksgiving Day
I'll wager nobody says Grammys day.  😧
May 25th.  Dylan's birthday, hear his songs all over the radio that day, many stations, and a wide variety.  My favorite I guess.
bad question: 365.../24/7..duh?
Another +vote for Christmas Eve.
We used to have a local DJ (on the NPR affiliate) who would do "theme" shows before Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.  Any of those were great days to listen to music.  Paul Ray, your listeners miss you.  You were the best.