Favorite DAC?

As I am pondering venturing into the DAC arena, there are a few that come to mind. My question is what is your personal favorite and why? Also, do you prefer the Solid State versions or the Tubed versions? Certain ones that I am considering would be the Electrocompaniet, AudioMeca, Levinson, Musical Fidelity in the solid state. In the tubed version would be like a Kora or an Audio Logic.

Thanks for all opinions.

Good listening,

Steve, for what it's worth, I LOVE my Audiomeca. I had a 1 month period to A-B it against other dacs including the EMC-1, which I also had for over a month. The Audiomeca is an incredible sounding unit. I can honestly say, it's the first time I actually found digital pleasing to the ear. I am running full balanced from an Audiomeca Obsession player through to a YBA amp. I can"t say enough about the Audiomeca stuff.

Best of luck with your decision, Ed.
John Marks of Stereophile talked me into a Benchmark Media Systems DAC-1. It's a pro unit that has since received many audiophile rave reviews. It's about $900 and can be returned if you don't like it.
Weiss MEDEA, after owning emm labs DAC6, dCS Purcell/Delius, ML 30.6 and 380S, Audiomeca Enkianthus, Cello Reference DAC, Meridian 861, Pacific Microsonics Model One, among others.
I'm very happy with the Electrocompaniet ECD-1. I must say though that I find the sound of Dacs-like most things audio-to be a highly personal and subjective thing. I strongly suggest auditioning a few if possible to determine your choice. It might save you a few Audiogon transactions!
I love my Bel Canto DAC2, but while I auditioned lots of single box CD players, the Bel Canto is the only DAC I auditioned. Have fun listening!
Can't leave out the Audio Note DACs. One of the component additions that got me saying "wow", again and again.
I'd also be in full agreement with Budrew's recommendation of the non-filtered, non-oversampling AudioNotes as well as my personal favorites, the 47Labs Progression and Shigaraki DAC's.

These units have finally persuaded me that Redbook CD is a genuinely musically viable format.
I'd not felt that way until their advent.

Every digital source that I had been exposed to prior to the 47 labs and AN devices always annoyed with a persistance impression of a mechanical process underlying the music.

These units have an alluring directness and natural ease that must be heard. Being a dyed-in-the-wool hardcore vinyl advocate, that's the highest praise I can give.
dear LİBOR 35,

which transport are you using with Weiss dac?
I must agree with Caterham1700. The 47 Labs dacs are superb music communicators. I have had MANY hi end digital products from Accuphase, Wadia, and Levinson and all have fallen to the musical 47Labs!
Adsal: using CEC TL-0
I am enjoying my Chord DAC64, with a CEC TL-1X. Couldn't really enjoy digital until I bought the Chord. I also have a Burmester 001, and find it and the Chord/CEC equally enjoyable.
I use my Audio Aero Mark II for all of my DAC needs. I use the toslink for Satellite, coax for DVDs and I run my CDs from the Audio Aero. The Audio Aero has a volumn control and i understand the newest versions will even have an analog input so I can run my receiver through it and then I get a full preamp and CD player all in one and this might even justify the price.
What about these?
Burmester Reference Line SRC D/A Converter 970
MBL 1611D
dCS Elgar Plus
Wadia 27ix (a new series 9000 statement DAC available soon)
Boulder 2020
Mark Levinson No. 30.6 Reference Digital Processor
Spectral Audio SDR-3000 (a new SDR-4000 statement DAC soon)
Forsell Air Reference DAC
Goldmund Mimesis 20M
Weiss Medea
Audiomeca Enkianthus X
Meridian Refeference 861

Jadis JS-1
Audio Note/Kondo Onagaku KSL 24
Sonic Frontiers Processor 3
Audio Aero Prima
Audio Logic MXL 24
Tube Research Labs PGT Reference Multichannel Processor
I love my Stellavox ST2 DAC(the latest version!$1800.00)by Goldmund (it has a sound comes close to Golmund Mimesis 21 DAC ($11,000.00) which is paired up with my EMC1 UP 24/192 CDP even though the DAC is only 24/96 but it sounnds dynamic, articulate, musical and transparent (I do not even use the sub for my monitors Dulcinea). This is the best solid state DAC I ever have.
I have found that the setup of all equipment, especially the ones responsible for conversion/amplification, to have significant impact on the sound. By this I mean that with good powercords with clean power, isolation devices, and interconnects, an otherwise mid-priced DAC can be made to sound superior to ultra expensive DACs.

Anyway, in answer to your query, the 2 brands of DACs which I prefer are the Meridian and Theta. Preferred powercord : JPS Digital AC. Preferred isolation : DH Jumbo cones on special composite material. Preferred power source : PS Audio P300.
Musical Design's Dac 1A20 is a must hear
Mhdt constantine
Holy thread resurrection, Mapman !!!!!
No kidding. Map is digging deep!
I love my Concert Fidelity DAC-040 Tube Vacuum D/A Converter with my Metronome Technologie Kalista Reference as CDT; form me, simply the best.

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