Favorite Cowboy Junkies?

Been on a Cowboy Junkies kick lately.  Bought several of their cds at a local shop.  Favorite is 'Pale Sun Crescent Moon'.  Great songs and playing, gorgeous recording!
+1 the Thunder Road Cover!
I'll seek out the EPs.

It was the Trinity Sessions that put them on the map and is an "audiophile" favorite, for good reason. Recorded live to a single stereo mike in one long take in a church in Toronto. It is exceptional, except for the AC unit making all that nose sometimes!! I was lucky to see them do the whole album live from the table in the front center row at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT way back when. As mentioned above, they do a sweet "Sweet Jane", which Lou Reed called the best version he had heard :)

I would also second "All That Reckoning", a lot more recent (and there is lots of good stuff between these two). It is great and rocks in a way that many of the others do not. I got to see them play this whole album at City Winery in NYC a few years ago as a five piece band with Jeff Bird on acoustic and feedback electric mandolin. Wish I had a tape of that show. Also got to talk with Margo after the show and say thanks for all the years of wonderful music that the CJs have filled my life with.

Lay it Down is one of my faves. It's mood inducing. I've been following them since I first heard the Trinity Sessions. It was love at first listen. Margo has a voice that can melt steel. I've been infatuated with her over the years. I saw them play in 2008 at Yoshi's in Oakland which is a very small venue. It was amazing. 
I will be checking it all out.  I've heard the Trinity Sessions and while it is sonically fantastic I thought the pace of the album overall a little slow for me.  I will listen again.  

Apparently, fuzztone is not a fan?  Some strange peoplecomments on the forums for sure.  
Acoustic Junk....if you can find it is absolutely stunning.

Incredibly well done and a stunning recording.

One of my go to recordings for showing off my system.

When I play it...I usually listen to it front to back. Its that good.

Margo's voice is amazing.