Favorite cover?

As a (minor) film buff, I almost invariably prefer originals. But when it comes to audio, I  have found more than a few covers that I prefer to the originals. So, to kick things off, and with all due respect to Boz Scaggs, I absolutely LOVE this live Incognito version of Lowdown:


What's on the top of your lists?
@bdp24 : I have that JR AWSOP on Realization (Imperial 9372 mono) LP. Last track on side 1. And last track on side 2 is a cover of Dylan's Positively Fourth Street! 
How about Hendrix's cover of Dylan's All Along The Watchtower!
@bdp24 Thanks, and a good point about Cape Fear.

For some reason my original link to the Incognito video isn't working. Let's try again:


Oops, it was of course Gregory Peck who played Nolte's character in the original Cape Fear, not Mitchum. Haven't had any coffee yet ;-) .

@roberjerman, I well remember the cover of Realization---kind of psychedelic. Everybody was trying so hard around then to look "experienced". By the way, when Levon Helm left the Dylan/Hawks tour in late '65, it was Johnny Rivers' drummer Mickey Jones who was hired to take his place.

I have to many favorites to mention but have been locked up on, Willie Nelson/Chris Stapleton/Lee Ann Womack/Jamey Johnsons cover of Bob Dylans Gotta Serve Somebody on The Muscle Shoals Small Town Big Sound album.