Favorite cover?

As a (minor) film buff, I almost invariably prefer originals. But when it comes to audio, I  have found more than a few covers that I prefer to the originals. So, to kick things off, and with all due respect to Boz Scaggs, I absolutely LOVE this live Incognito version of Lowdown:


What's on the top of your lists?

@roberjerman, Wow, I had no idea JR did "AWSOP". The original is a masterpiece, so I really gotta hear Johnny's version!

@whipsaw, I so agree about original films vs. remakes, one exception being Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear. The added layer of ethical misconduct by Nick Nolte's character (played by Robert Mitchum in the original) really deepens the story. And Juliette Lewis' acting is about as fine as I've ever seen.

@bdp24 : I have that JR AWSOP on Realization (Imperial 9372 mono) LP. Last track on side 1. And last track on side 2 is a cover of Dylan's Positively Fourth Street! 
How about Hendrix's cover of Dylan's All Along The Watchtower!
@bdp24 Thanks, and a good point about Cape Fear.

For some reason my original link to the Incognito video isn't working. Let's try again:


Oops, it was of course Gregory Peck who played Nolte's character in the original Cape Fear, not Mitchum. Haven't had any coffee yet ;-) .

@roberjerman, I well remember the cover of Realization---kind of psychedelic. Everybody was trying so hard around then to look "experienced". By the way, when Levon Helm left the Dylan/Hawks tour in late '65, it was Johnny Rivers' drummer Mickey Jones who was hired to take his place.