Favorite composer @ favorite work?

None of us, will ever get tired from, Mozart's "Jupiter", or Beethoven's "fifth"...but the one i am really "discovering" is Anton Bruckner! His, entire 4th, "Romantic" is my all-time favorite! How' bout you?
Since I was a teenager I have been listening to Vivaldi. My favorites are his compositions for Mandolin. I like Beethoven's music, especially his Symphony No. 9 (if any work is my all-time favorite this would be it). My most recent discovery has been Mahler. His Symphony No. 1 is absolutely fantastic. Another very good composer I have been listening to of late is Schumann. I first heard his Symphony No. 3 at a live performance and immediately went out and bought a copy.
Eldragon I hope you picked up the Decca Legends Bohm/VPO at mid price. This has long been the performance of choice for Bruckner 4th now remastered with great sound. My favorite composer is Tchaikovsky, a marytr of the romantic movement. His ballets are timeless, and which composer's very first piano concerto can compare to Tchaikovsky's 1st? Symphony's 3-6 are endlessly enjoyable. Only downside is he was not as prolific as other composers, and was not revolutionary like Mahler, but he is the culmination and brightest star of the romantic movement.
Mozart and Vivaldi are a joy to listen to...but, if I had to list just one..it would be Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. Also, the work of Aaron Copland should not be overlooked
My current fav is Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima by Penderecki. Amazingly powerful, very unlike most classical though.
Megasam! Thanks for the recommendation ! Also, never accept Bruckner simphony, unless it bears the wording:"an Antonio Bruckner original"!
Megasam In answer to which composer's 1st can compare to Tchaikovsky's I would have to say Schuman's 1st and only in A minor which IMO is among the best of the genre in the Romantic era.
Goldmark Violin Concerto is a real treat that most have never heard of. If has been recorded by Itzhak Perlman and Sarah Chang. Give is a listen sometime.
For you Bruckner fans, give a listen to Symphony #8, Vienna Philharmonic / Herbert von Karajan on Deutsche Grammophon.
For an great comparison to Tchaikovsky by an relative unknown, give Anton Arensky a listen. Arensky was a friend of Tchaikovsky and student of Rimsky-Korsakov. If you like chamber music, Arensky's Piano Trios are recorded by the Beaux Arts Trio are not to be missed.
Black Angels by George Crumb. Performed by Kronos Quartet. It's unlike anything I've ever heard. Very differnt.
Love Beethoven & Vivaldi but for a single work my own preference is Berlioz's Te Deum.
Tubegroover, also Greig's 1st piano concerto is excellent for 1st work. There are so many legendary performances of Tchaikovsky 1st it is hard to pick a best, but Martha Aggerich has several excellent recordings including recent pairing with Claudio Abbado.......I guess if Horrowitz/Toscanni were in stereo it would be finest performance to own.
No doubt that Beethoven and Mozart are the greatest,but my preffered has to be Tchaikovsky, specially his violin concerto and his 6th.The beauty and melancholy on it's melodies and the power of their orchestration makes them unparareled in my preference.
IF you like Bruckner and don't mind old mono sound try getting the Furtwangler versions on DGG and EMI. I feel they represent some form of reference. Newer stereo sound greatness can be found with Eugene Jochum on DGG and EMI. I feel the above conducters were masters with Bruckner and get deeper into the music than did Von Karajan. Try to experience these performances on vinyl if you can. Good Listening! o
Right on Sam! I neglected to mention Grieg's which is also among my favorites. So far as Tchaikovsky's didn't Van Cliburn hang his whole career on his legendary performances of that piece?
TubeGroover, Van Cliburn is admired by many, but for me it is too warm and not "russian" enough. Of modern stereo performances give me Aggerich/Kondrashin on Phillips, this performance has passion and fire! I have the mono RCA recording of Horrowitz/Toscanni from the 1940s, long considered the best performance recorded, but the sound quality is poor preventing a primary recommendation, but everyone should hear it to see what is possible in the right hands.....sam
As much as I love everybody mentioned;and it seems like every few years my fav changes. Antonin Dvorak;THEE(only) cello concerto/Sym from the new world/ all of the Slovanic Dances;are what I play/never tire of/most.Beethoven 5th piano, Motzart's 40th sym.& piano#20 Mahlar #1 & 5 Shubert,s Trout,Vivaldi's 4season's Ludwig's#9 ain't bad either.
Stravinsky's Firebird. I also love Dvorak, Bartok, and especially Sibelius and Prokofiev.
My favorite pianist for Grieg, Brahms and Mozart is Clifford Curzon. Most of his recording out on the Decca/London Classic Sound and/or Legends label.