Favorite CD player around $2k or less used

I'm getting itchy finger on Audiogon regarding cd player. I love my Cary 303/200 but am toying with going for something tubey for a while, just for fun (Cary 308T?). So I thought I'd raise this question, again just for fun: what's been your experience recently with cd players that sell used for under $2k? (I like HDCD but not a show-stopper; SACD big plus, perhaps not realistic.).
My Audio Aero Prima Mk.2 never ceases to amaze me.
Exemplar 2900. Oh yesh!
Cary 303-300
The Ayre CX-7E is my current reference and it is great. You'll have a lot of choices in this price range. Have fun!
cec 3300 and quad 99 cdp 2.
Modwright 999es at $1600-1900 used without a doubt the best tube cd/sacd/dvd player on the planet. Right up there with the best of the best depending on personal preference.
naim cdx very musical, does most things correctly. stay away from combo players since there will always be a compromise especially at lower pricepoint.
I use to own the Cary and find the Linn Ikemi sounds more like music. Used around $2K.

Good Luck!
I have a TRL modded Sony 595 that cost me $650 that I really like. You should check out their latest and greatest which I think goes for around $2000 and has a seperate power supply. Do a search on Audiogon for numerous threads on TRL stuff.
Marantz SA14 placed atop the Neuance Platform. Total cost should be just under $1500. You will have a hard time beating it for under $5000.

Richard has a great point there- my Exemplar also sits on a Neuance platform, and performs much better that way. May want to factor that into any buying decision :)
Rega Jupiter nt
and would probably have to spend three times that ($2K) amount in order to hear any significant improvent.
...my Exemplar also sits on a Neuance platform, and performs much better that way. :)
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As does my Exemplar. The Neuance is a wonderful device, and at ~$200 it's a stunning value.