Favorite cable brand.

Interested to hear opinions regarding brand favorites. My personal favorites, at the moment,  are Kimber and Goertz. Two very different sounds yet both quite enjoyable. What are your favorites?
I have been using the Inakustic cables as well.  Very neutral cables.  They open up your system to hear deeper into the music without adding anything.  

Here at Sound Advocate; https://www.thesoundadvocate.com I have personally tried many of the finest cables and interconnects. I can re-instate my opinion, after recently re-installing my Inakustik LS-4004, that they are, arguably, the finest and MOST “accurate” speaker cables, notwithstanding amplifier interaction- I have so far evaluated!


I really like in-akustik USB cables, particularly the Reference line. They not only sound great but are very well made. 
Inakustik. Great sounding cables, can't go wrong!
My favorite cable brands are from Europe.  The American brands such as Nordost and Transparent, Kubala Sosna, etc leave too much on the table performance wise.  As do cables designed by 'first priciples'

While I still love Purist Audio Cables (they were the first 'cray cray' money cabling I bought for my system)  Jims stuff is no longer SOTA, and High Fidelity Cabling, while good, do not represent value for money at even the insane prices that even I look at with doubt (I always remain open minded however.)

As with most audio gear IMO, the best of the best cabling wise now comes from Central and Eastern Europe.

Inakustic cabling is amazing.  It has a combination of design features and TRUE air dielectric construction that NO ONE else is doing.  Their prices are reasonable for the technology and outstanding for the sound and represent excellent value/performance at the upper echelon of the segment.

For everyone's reference, I had too many cable brands to mention; Cardas, JPS, a compete loom of Nordost Valhalla V2 in my system for several months.  I sold it all to a nice man in Switzerland before slowly moving to the Siltech brand, which I eventually migrated to their 35th Anniversary Silver. 

The top of the line Inakustik cabling is better than my previous reference Siltech 35th Anniversary Silver and gives the Siltech Double Crown a run for its money at a small fraction of the cost. (While the Siltec Double Crown and TC are beautiful sounding, the Inakustik is actually much more neutral than the DC and TC IMO)  

There is a reason the Inakustik cabling names their best cables "Air".  Nothing in my experience does ambience and detail better.

If there is better, I've yet to hear it.