Favorite cable brand.

Interested to hear opinions regarding brand favorites. My personal favorites, at the moment,  are Kimber and Goertz. Two very different sounds yet both quite enjoyable. What are your favorites?
Just look at the huge list of companies making big money out of gullible audiophiles. 

I don't say cables can't make a difference but hasn't it all got a bit silly?
I note that each post names yet another cable as favourite.  Surely if there is big SQ benefit there should be some measure of agreement on which ones are best.  The more different choices there are, the more intelligent people think 'snake oil'.

I had my piece recently on $50,000 1m cables in another thread.
Townshend for speaker wire and interconnects. No question. It sounds a lot better than anything else I have tried. HFC has impressive speaker cable in its upper ranges, their ’entry-level’ wire was less impressive.

Phasure and SOtM for Ethernet cable. For longer lengths cheap cord from Kasimo cat 8 and FS.com cat 8 is pretty good too, especially for the price.

CAD and Phasure for USB cable. Low cost Supra USB is not bad either if cost is an issue.

Supra for subwoofer cable.

Van Damme for XLR - really cheap studio wire which is top quality.  And to my ears sounds better than many audiophile brands. 

Van Damme for 75 ohm sine wave master clock cable. Again very cheap and very well made. I could not hear a difference between this and expensive cables. It was not better, just not different. I am not sure re square wave clocks as I understand that they need a more rigid expensive cable.

Power cable - Shunyata and MCRU. Naim makes a good value mains cable. Nothing else has really made a significant difference to the sound for me.