Favorite band or artist of all time?

1st of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at Audiogon!
I've Have been thinking about it(hundreds of choices)and lately  just wondering, If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite band or artist of all time???
 Extremely hard decision!, but Mine would be Elton John.
(deeply rooted since I was 10 or 11) Old fart now😎
J.S. Bach, the father of Western music. Not as good a hairdo as George Gobel, though, or early Buck Owens. Flat top with fenders.
I listened to a live video of the Jimi Hendrix Experience on NY Eve. 
Bach is a g_d of composition of course. John Coltrane opened my eyes to jazz (a pathetic word for an undefinable type of modern music).
But Jimi had something that completely blows me away. Three guys-
that's all it took. Usually it takes a whole bunch of guys playing together,
but not the "Experience". They take me through a "worm hole" like in the movie "Contact". Past the speed of light. Maybe Elvis is still alive somewhere, but I am SURE that Jimi is still very much alive.