Favorite AES/EBU digital cable

Is ORCHID as good as the reviewers say? Also, any truth to the rumor that digital cable need to be at least 1.5 meters to reduce jitter.
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Orchid is unknown to me. But if you're willing to trust your ears, I suggest trying Stealth Varidig, the only digital cable on the market to achieve true 110 ohms thru a unique geometry. See www.interlinkhouse.com for details, and note the 30-day money-back guarantee.
1m is OK. 1.5m is better (but not by much). Orchid is the best. Reducing the jitter (by reducing digital reflection) is not something that will only be improved with the Orchid. This is true of all AES/EBU cables. These claims of cables performances is a joke. We have seen the Illuminati cables measured against others. If you saw this, you would have to wonder if the other cables were broken. Keep in mind, while most cable companies make every kind of cable you can think of, short of jumper cables, Illuminati makes ONE thing: DIGITAL CABLES. For years they included a graph on how each cable measured. They finally stopped due to the added hassle and the fact that most people didn't even look at it anyway. Buy the Illuminati or the Goldmund.
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