Favorite 845 tube monoblocks

What is your favorite 845 tube monoblocks, which loudspeakers are you driving with them and which preamp if any are you using?
I am using Viva Aurora Monoblocks...driving Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3 speakers.
Mastersound 845 Monoblocks, driving Triangle Magellan Concerto, preamp is Hovland HP100.
Unison Reference monoblocs with Unison Reference preamp driving Sonus Faber Stradivari speakers.
Sorry, that's Unison Research Reference
So far, Italy rules!!! :)
Greetings, Marco
Mine were designed and built by a friend. KT-77 driver tubes (or EL34). ECC31 input tubes (or 6N7) Solid state rectification. Huge Magnequest trannies. Built directly on two-inch-thick Mapleshade platforms. Rated at 12wpc by my friend, but I have no trouble driving moderately sensitive speakers (Gallo Reference 3). They're now 10 years and I have no interest in replacing them. Superb-sounding amps.

Preamp is an Aesthetix Calypso.
Nagra VPA's.....
One that was born in the USA: I have Cary 805s driving Verity Parsifal Encores. Joule-Electra pre-amp.
Cary 805 AE, Maggie 3.6's (believe it or not), and either a Conrad Johnson ART or ACT 2.2 preamp.
Another USA born amp.
deHavilland Aries 845G
Along with the not USA
Horning Aristotes Ultimate
Tron Syren pre-amp
Audion Black Shadow, in my case driving Zu Definition 2. Against Mastersound, Viva, DeHavilland, Cary, Nagra P-P and others, the Audion consistently reveals more of what's in your recordings, more convincingly than other 845s -- though it's hard to go wrong with nearly any 845 SET amp.

Nagra VPA mono blocks driving Sonus Faber stradivari speakers and Art Audio Clarissa driving Ref 3A Grand Veena, were two systems that I enjoyed listening to.