Favorite 5 Hard Rock albums Driving Music

I drove from Houston to San Antonio this week for a meeting, and as preparation I downloaded some helpful albums to aid in the driving.

That means I loaded up some hard rock to get me going, and I made it in, for me, record time. Top down, music blaring. So here are my 5 favorite Hard Rock albums that accompanied me on my journey, there and back:

Led Zeppelin - II

Stone Temple Pilots - Core

AC/DC - Back in Black

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

The Cult - Electric

anyone want to contribute a list?

I don't have that record, thanks for the suggestion, I'm ordering it right now!!
Highway Star - Deep Purple
Call Me the Breeze - Lynyrd Skynrd
Rambling Man - Allman Brothers
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Myrrh - The Church
Jeff Beck, blow by blow
UFO- force it
Dream Theater- Train of thought
Kings X- ear candy
Whhops, sorry you want albums:

Machine Head - Deep Purple
Brothers And Sisters - The Allman Brothers
Heyday - The Church
Metallica - Metallica
Best of the Outlaws - The Outlaws
Our ideas of "Hard Rock" may be different but how can you omit
"Who's Next" with Bargain, Won't Get Fooled Again and Baba
O'Reilly. Come on, now that's rock n'roll!

I put The Who, and Who's Next in another category, more pure rock, along with the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, U2, Aerosmith, and many more.

But, great call BTW, I would consider Who's Next as one of my top 5 all time favorite albums of any type! What a great album! Has there ever been a better song for a finale than "Won't get Fooled Again"??
Mapman, great call on Deep Purple, I'm putting Machine Head on the turntable as soon as I stop typing.
Deep Purple "Machine Head" with Highway Star being the best driving song,"Burn" and "Perfect Strangers".

Led Zep I and "Physical Graffiti".
at least as i'd define hard rock, here's my list:
1. rolling stones--sticky fingers
2. the clash--first album
3. cheap trick--first album
4. new york dolls
5. jimi hendrix--are you experienced
obviously, genre lines get blurry, but all of the above will get you from houston to san antonio.
The MULE baby! Take it from a horse,

"Holy Haunted House" second disc which is the entire Zeppelin Houses of the Holy album is a classic.

Green Day - Dookie

Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic

George Thorogood - Move it on over

Puddle of Mudd - Come Clean

That should get a few more miles under your belt. Every year I drive back from Washington state to the Black Hills of South Dakota. I have probably made the trip 20 times and every time the music prep is essential. I like to start burning discs about a month in advance. I even had a couple of buddies rip discs for me. We agreed to kept them unplayed until I was out on the road. It became a tradition for about 6-7 years. I would hold out as long as I could ... then somewhere in Wyoming I would break down and slam my buddy Paul's mix in. It was always hard driving rock ... sure beat Red Bull and coffee. Good stuff. Hard rock and road miles are a good mix ... so many good memories.

I could easily list 40 CD's ...

Metallica Ride the Lighting & Master of Puppets

Pearl Jam 10

Nirvana Nevermind

Soundgarden Badmotorfinger
Uriah Heep -- Look at Yourself
Deep Purple -- Made in Japan
Alice Cooper -- Killer
Wishbone Ash -- Argus
ZZ Top -- Tres Hombres
When we drive and it gets late we usually play these to help keep us awake...loud and we know all the words to all the songs(or at least we THINK we do):

Faith No More-The Real Think
Jane's Addiction-Nothing Shocking
Pixies-Surfer Rosa
Fugazi-13 Songs
Built To Spill-Keep It Like A Secret
Misfits-Any and all of it but The Collection will do in a pinch
AC/DC -any w/Bon Scott
I'll second Cheap Tricks first LP and add Heaven Tonight
Billy Squire- Don't Say No
The first 5 Aerosmith LP's
The first few Bad Co LP's.
The Black Crowes- The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion
The Who whos next,J giles full house,Deep Purple In ROCK ,Styx Grand Illusion,Humble Pie Rockin The Filmore.
I agree with Buff

"Metallica Ride the Lighting & Master of Puppets

Pearl Jam 10

Nirvana Nevermind

Soundgarden Badmotorfinger"

I would add Stone Temple Pilots-Core.
James63, thanks for the STP love, I hope the new alumb is as good as No 4 was, I don't think we can hope for another Core or Purple, but No 4 would be good.