For good reason as I have learned, there is a huge following on here for vintage turntables such as the Technics SP10 MK II (or rarer MKIII), the Garrard's, and even highly modified AR's (after all the mods, it's really just the original plinth), so I was wondering what other turntables people still love from the 60's through 80's era?

I always loved the complicated end-of-the-vinyl-era automatic decks. I had a love affair with the B & O 8002, which was the coolest looking music player I had ever seen. As it turned out it had one of the best cartridge designs of all time (see current Soundsmith Designs based on this), but was fairly noisey. I always lusted after the Yamaha PX-2 after seeing one at a buddies house in the early 80's. I've always been on the lookout for one in great condition, and I finally found one, and guess what, it's much better than expected.

It looks almost new, especially since it's 30 yrs old, and functions absolutely flawlessly. The sound: great. I have added a MerrillScallia lead mat, and a center weight, as well as using some Dynamat on the underside of the platter (taking care to keep the balance). I am currently using my VPI Zephyr cartridge from my VPI Classic until I can get my hands on a Shure V15vXMR with and a JICO replacement needle.

So, anyone else out there Jones-ing on old decks that they find are surprisingly good?

I currently planning on keeping my VPI Classic, and the Yamaha as a secondary deck, while upgrading it's power situation, interconnects, and putting it on a Gingko Platform. If after all of that it's close to the VPI, I may sell the VPI and keep the Yamaha as the primary. It's just fun really.

So, what other old turntable we got rockin' the house out there?
I really miss my Luxman PD300 with a Technics EPA-500 arm. Now, that was one nice table/arm!
Pioneer Pl-71, JVC QL-A7, and a Miracord/Elac 40H that has smashing dynamics. Unfortunately, the Harman Kardon ST-5 (Rabco arm) has proven to be a difficult customer- the sound when it WAS working was very nice.
California Audio Labs Aria and Tempest. I loved those players. There is nothing like tubes to keep you involved in the music.
So, what other old turntable we got rockin' the house out there?
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Don't forget Lenco. Surprising performance for low investment.

Albert Porter Lenco

I bought mine for $95.00, although that was nearly eight years ago. Fond memories, one of the best bang for the buck tables around.
The Empire 208 which was the basis for the VPI Classic; the Sony TTS3000 a superb belt drive and Sony 2250, an original hi end direct drive.
Lenco L75/78 (highly modified ex. - www.artisanfidelity.com)
Technics SP10 Mk3
Technics SP10 Mk2
Garrard 301 (Schedule 1 and Schedule 2)
Garrard 401
Thorens TD125 (Mk1 & Mk2) (modified sound great)
Thorens TD124 (Mk1 & Mk2)
EMT 928
EMT 927
Micro Seiki SX 8000
Micro Seiki SX 5000 (all)
Micro Seiki RX 1500
Micro Seiki BL 99
Melco 3533
Melco 5560
Denon DP 100M
Sony TTS 8000
Pioneer P10 Exclusive
Empire 598 (To a lesser extent of those above)

All these models will likely be around for a long long time.
I'm another fan of the Empire 208 -- I purchased one used and had it updated by Mike Paschetto at Analog Engineering. You can see a picture on my system page.

I also fondly remember the Empire 698, which was elegant, beautiful and persnickety --I currently own two, but sadly neither is fully functional.

And finally, the Technics SL-23 -- it set a new price point for a reliable, semi-automatic turntable with speed control.
I love my Pink Triangle (original) released in '82 - it's amazing. I have 2 of them,

I also have a PT Anniversary ('92) that may not qualify for this conversation since it's a 90's product, but it can't be beat.
I miss my LP12 but without a reliable setup guy nearby, I had to make a change :(