Favored KT-88's for Sonic Frontiers amp?

taking a concensus for a friend who has a Sonic Frontiers amp. Who's KT-88's do you favor?
I have a pair of SFM-160s that Chris Johnson heavily modded - his "full monty" in Chris' terms.

Anyway, during this extensive mod, Chris told me that the Gold Lion KT-88s are the output tubes he would give his highest recommendation for use with the SFM-160s. Of course, others will work.

Though I have not tube rolled, I am very pleased with his recommendation in terms of reliabiity, sonics and overall enjoyment of the music.

I'd take Chris' advise, even though I've never used those tubes in my 160's. This amp, as least my unmodified one, has high plate voltage and needs rugged tubes. A lot of KT88's aren't up to the task. I've used SED KT88's but didn't like the tone even they didn't fail. I ended up using SED 6550's and if/when I ever retube them I'll be trying the Gold Lions.
Thanks, flyfish, the Gold Lions were on my short list to send him. They seem to be a choice for many, with Leben gear also.
Take care
Newbee - could not agree more. The plate voltage is high pre- and post-mod. The mod involved a heavy re-working of the PS (including fuse, IEC inlet and wire) and then, of course, signficant replacement of parts and internal wiring with 2008 replacing 1993. Not only did the original SFM-160s not really have premium parts in its day (there was no Signature version), the quality and tolerances of today are vastly superior to 15 years ago.

Chashasl - Chris is a very good source for the Gold Lions. He sells hand matched pairs for just a little bit exta.

Good luck,
I use the original Genelex,but found that the Chinese Genelex copies were very musical.If you can't find the original/NOS, the Shuguang KT 88-98 and Gold Lion re-issue would be on my short list.Concur on the SED "winged" sound-too brittle in the highs.