Fav Hi Res downloads... What & Where?

What are your recent favorites or just overall favorite High Resolution album or track downloads?

... and from where are they available?

I'm looking for places from which to add some Hi Res files now. Also, hoping to gain some more insights on what's out there for the clicking as of late.

nearly every musical genre interests me but my defaults are Jazz blues, RB, Country, Bluegrass and big bands of all sorts... well except for marching bands. Sorry John Phillip.

HD Tracks are where I am getting my hi rez down loads. Don't know of many sites for marching band tunes, but that's a good thing. Anna Carem is on of my personal favorates...excellent quality.

you need two things... a media player that will play them for you in the file type they are formated into... AIF, WAV, FLAC.

And of course a DAC capable of passing PCM data (usually) in whatever word lengths and bit rates the aforementioned files are provided in.

usually they'll come in 24/96, 24/177, 24/192.

I've not seen yet 16/48, or 24/88 resolution files.

If you can download, playback, and transmit such file types from your pc to a DAC, these sorts via an interface which is capable of carrying them, you're good to go. 24/96 is the high end uf USB dacs... SPDIF; BNC; & AES only, so far, carry info above 24/96.

Hope that helps.