Faulty NAD CD player

I have an NAD C538 CD player that’s acting up. The problem is the drawer. I push “play” or “close” but it does neither. The drawer needs a little tap. Not enough to actually move it, not enough to push it on off track, just a tap. As if to reassure the plater that I’m here and I’m listening. 

It gets worse. The CD doesn’t load after the drawer closes. It just sits there for a few seconds, then the player spits it out. It used to work after a try or two, but these days, it’s taking more and more tries. It gets better if I’ve opened and closed it several times during a session, but the problem has grown from an annoyance into something more serious. 

My next move is to send a copy of this message to NAD but I’m sure that the assembled knowledge here at Audiogon far exceeds that in Sweden or Norway or wherever the company is. 
You've almost certainly got a rubber belt wearing out. I've fixed a similar issue on a demon before. If you need help repairing, consider reposting on diyaudio. In my experience it's a super helpful group and people will help you identify the problem, find the proper replacement part, and install it. Really an amazing community, at least on the passlabs sub forum where I spend my time.

Probably a <$10 fix if you're comfortable opening up your player yourself.
Mine (Marantz) did that.  I replaced the laser ($35--installation was more or less str- ... well, I managed it).   Don't know whether that was the actual problem or whether I inadvertently fixed whatever the problem was by doing that.  But it's been fine since.
Think you might want to reconsider and just contact NAD, so far 3 different responses and likely more to come