Fat, tight Jazz: Trombone Shorty

I got to hear a track, "Here Come the Girls"  on Jazz FM 91 from Toronto this evening.

May be the most fun, superbly recorded audiophile track I've ever heard.


Yet Another New Orleans Great
Long-time fan here.  I took my wife to a Shorty show several years ago and she became a big fan.  The, she converted a bunch of her friends.  So....

When Shorty came to SoCal a couple of years back, and did a show at Pepperdine University (not too far from my home),  I'm sure that  he was wondering why the room was full of forty-something Calabasas housewives.
We are pretty lucky in Houston, Trombone Shorty is from New Orleons and shows up a lot here for festivals and he is always well received, just love a trombone and being from south Louisiana myself never understood why more bands didn't incorporate them into some of their music, as the joke goes, what's the difference between a frog and a trombone player walking down the street? The frog is going to a gig.