Fastest high-current SS amp below $1000 used?

Which high-current solid state amp, below a grand used, has the fastest slew rate? Of course, it must sound good too.
try the Rowland model 1 can't be beat at their going price here
Why are you so interested in an amp having the fastest slew rate? There is much more to a great sounding amp than slew rate.
The McCormack's are fast amps but I agree with Timo, lot more to it than speed. For example, the Belles 150a Hotrod is not as quick as the McCormack but it is also fuller and richer sounding that makes music sound more like music. They're a lot of good amps on the market now. System synergy is more important than any of the other gobbly-gook(ie; what speakers, preamp and source(s).
What is this doing in the analog section?
Some would argue the 'sounds good' part, but the Krell KAV 300i is very fast. Can pick up used for +/- $1,000.
Timo - I have very slow woofers.
Not sure it's "the" fastest but the Job stereo is certainly very fast and sounds very good.
The Sim Audio W-5 is a fast sounding amp and has great bass control for your slow woofers. Under $1000 try on of the McCOrmack DNA-1s.

Happy Listening.
Probably some digital amp. Their output transistors (high speed switching fets) go full on to full off at about 500KHz. I really like the sound of my CarverPro ZR1600, but I would not give slew rate all the credit.
The following slew rates (in Volts/micro-seconds) are from the Sound and Vision 2002 Buyer's guide:
and some are in your price range list price given

Parasound HCA-1000A (130) $650
NAD 218THX (100) $1200
Belles 150A/2 (50) $1200
Jeff Roland Design Group all models listed as (30)
B&k all models listed as (14)

The fastest listed is
Bel Canto all models listed as (600) $$$$
The slowest listed is
YBA all models listed as (3)
Odyssey Stratos listed as (1)

Hope this helps, probably not