Fast power cables?


I'm looking for recommendations for powerful, fast, power cables to run my Jadis JA100's.
I'm now using Shunyata Python's which work very well but would be interested to try something quicker.

If you don't have experiences with Jadis gear, I'd be also very interested to hear about your experiences with power cables and other amps.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Purist Audio Dominus power cables have been my favorite for a long time, though having been so satisfied with them for years...i admit not to have been back out in the market to audition the latest.

Try Sablon Audio Gran Corona for something excellent, less expensive but a serious contender which is direct-sell so cost-effective.
I don't know about fast but pranawire is well worth looking into and the cable company has a lending library that will allow you to demonstrate them in your own system
What is a slow power cable? Nonsense
Fastest I've heard would be the Nordost Valhalla or Brahma. Also fast would be Stealth Dream or Ridge Street Audio Design silver cords. I have the Poeima!!! Signature, but the Alethias! silver is also very fast.
The best cord I've ever used would be the Stealth Dream.
Audience are fast and dynamic - breathes life into the music.
Ah Arh, but (of course) there are power cables with PRAT! Breath in deeply and you will believe! (or not).

Right, fast power cables. Funny stuff.
If your amp is able to send as much current and signal through uncluttered with grunge, the speakers take that and run with it. I was a doubter on power cables and conditioners until I put audience "e" powerchords and AR12-TSS conditioner in my system. Critical stuff with a big improvement to sound. I let my ears decide.
One way to know for sure(you can even do this with any shielded
#1 Remove the female ends on the cables you want to compare
#2 Before plugging the male end into a normal wall socket or dedicated line,have a friend insert the male end into the receptacle for you while you hold the bare end.
Hopefully he has the male end right at the receptacle so insertion would be a split second at most.

By trying this,I doubt if you can tell which cable is faster.
Hey Arh,if you disconnect them from the wall, they are even slower! ;)
There is no doubt that power is critical for good sound. Just look at the extensive efforts that go into designing the power supply in amplifiers. I too am skeptical and have used different power cables to see what all the fuss was about. However this was after I had a dedicated circuit installed. I am honest and I did not here significant changes. It's possible that the PCs I used were not fancy enough but somehow I sincerely doubt it. I used Audience, Cardas, Various Custom made Ferrite shielded numbers from Subaruguru ( I think he left the audio scene) and even Custom made silver PCs.
Hey, all the red necks with the cynical comments, either be funny and smart, which you are far from, or just go look for other threads to be dumb about.
You can try silver power cords. From AES (Audio Engineering Society) copper has a 100% rating, silver is 106.
I run such PC's from "SignalCable", they offer it with Furutech connectors.
06-18-12: Syntax
From AES (Audio Engineering Society) copper has a 100% rating, silver is 106.
To clarify, that refers to the conductivity of each metal, for a given length and a given gauge. Conductivity is inversely proportional to resistance, and is numerically equal to the reciprocal of resistance (i.e., resistance divided into 1).

Resistance increases in direct proportion to the length of the cable, and decreases as the thickness of the conductors in the cable increases. Using a cable that is one gauge size thicker would reduce resistance by a greater amount than changing from copper to silver.

Also, any correlation between power cord resistance or conductance and the perceived "speed" of the sonics produced by the component would be unpredictable and component-dependent, IMO.

-- Al
Amuseb, why are you insinuating that red necks are cynical, not funny or smart. That's as bad as a racial slur.
Amuseb ... In the mid 90’s I had a conversation with a designer/engineer/builder of power conditioners who did not build power cables and had just returned from the CES

Our conversation drifted to power cables and he was describing some that he heard at the show ... when the Shunyata brand came up his comments were nice cable but it lacks PRAT

He felt this was due to the FeSI-1000 compound over dampening and killing the PRAT

I’m wondering if your Shunyata has the FeSI-1000 filling in it ... maybe it’s lack of speed you perceive is a lack of PRAT due to the dampening material

For all the Red Necks who don’t know what PRAT is ........ Practical .. Range .. Against .. Target (;-)
Debatable differences amount to no difference at all,really. If you want to increase the speed of your amp, you have to deal with the internals. When you do, everyone is impressed.
Please indulge an audiophile newbie (that is, I'm not asking to make fun of your question, but because I'm unfamiliar with these terms in regards to cables). How can a cable be fast and powerful? What qualities make one cable more or less fast/powerful than another?
A good friend and (audio dealer) of mine likes to do a great demo when one of his customer's asks about a power cord recommendation for some of his tube gear.

With the music playing, he simply walks over and uplugs the preamp power cord, then the amplifier power cord. Then he leaves them unplugged for a good 30 seconds before re-plugging them. The music doesn't change a bit, and this is on some VERY high dollar SET tube gear and some $45k speakers, so resolution is not an issue.

It is a striking demonstration of the fact that if your gear is engineered with a properly (some will argue overbuilt) designed power supply, the power cord simply does not matter.

I would also note that unless you do have a dedicated and purpose-built audiophile line, then the electricity will have to travel through many feet of $1 a foot Romex in the walls before the electricity makes it to your $150 a foot power cord.
I apologize if my comment could have been perceived as "racist". As I'm not a native American, it's possible I'm not 100% sharp on the meaning of the term I used. Sorry.
Other than that, I guess my message was clear.

Thanks for all the others for the constructive comments... keep them coming.
My way to test the impact of cables on my system was taught to me by an old Tibetan monk and I also use it for testing the rest of my material: I listen.
What changing one single power cable on, for example, a CD player does to the sound was even immediately noticed by my wife, who's anything but a mad audiophile.

Rischa, what is a fast cable? Hard to describe but, for example, when I hook up my Jadis monos (over designed by all means with its 2400 transfos for its 80 watts) with the Sunyata KC VX1, the sound is darker and less dynamic than how it is when hooked up with the Sunyata Pythons.

I agree with all those who recommend changing the electrical greed cables but it's not in my capacity to do so, not even in the apartment where I live. If I could, I would. Nevertheless I did change the wall sockets and the fuses in the electrical cupboard and it all helps for a better, clearer sound.

With the entire system hooked up to the Shunyata Hydra 8 V2, there's no longer that difference between what is referred to as "day listen" and "night listen".

I don't think Amuseb owes anybody an apology as he was using the term "redneck" properly (Wikipedia..."the term has expanded its meaning to refer to bigoted, loutish reactionaries who are opposed to modern ways"). The term has no connection to Native Americans. It's origins actually tie back to farmers who would get sunburned necks from being in the fields. Not that any of this has to do with audio, but hey Audiogion threads can get way too uptight...
Check out the IEC thread, get yourself the cheapest shielded cord, and see what happens. This should eliminate not only the electrical issues, but also the hysteria.
The modern redneck has been obviated in some cases by the use of sunscreen. I was worried about my REL sub having a somewhat basic IEC cord so I bought a used PS Audio AC cable. It's very thick, looks really cool, works fine (better? not sure but hey...I like to think it does), and, most importantly, makes me feel better. Utterly worth it.
Did you get a good deal on it?
Ferrari GTS. Very fast and powerful.
I got a great deal on my used (i.e. "broken in") PS Audio cable...another reason to feel good...add that to my "feel good about my IEC cable" total.