Fast & open sounding amp with great imaging 2k

I have 92db 8Ohm single driver speakers and I want to get more micro dynamics, detail, an open soundstage, and solid imaging out of them. Looking for recommendations. Budget 2k (2nd hand gear only)

on my list:

clones audio 25i
job 225
Benchmark AHB2
Aaron XX
Mystere IA11
Unison simply italy
I always liked the Classe CA-2200 which has plenty of power and headroom, is quiet, smooth, resolving & certainly fast. I know the CA-2200 was a great match with Infinity Renaissance 90's. This is a well reviewed amp & you can pick them up in good shape circa $2200-$2500. Btw the Classe pairs well with tube preamps due to it's neutrality and high input impedance (100kΩ).
There is a classic pair of VTL TT-25 Tiny Triodes for 875 which is a great price. You could even re-tube with NOS tubes from Andy at VintageTubeServices and be near your 2K budget. Also there is a pair of Music Metre silver interconnects (retail 400) that will do what you are looking for at 198 and you get a pair of Signature coppers for free.

The Unison looks interesting.
Thank you,

one more thing, my speakers sound best with higher than usual output impedance (my amp has variable output impedance and the best setting is 14Ohm).

My single driver speakers lack in the treble department and need more treble energy and a more open soundstage. I am open to cable recommendations as well.

I value timing (micro dynamics), imaging (presence) and openness (soundstage) the most.