Fast Channel Navigation - Who can Do it???


I have Comcast digital cable, and I hate how slow the channel navigation is.

Before digital cable, I could hit the "channel up" button on my remote 5 times as fast as I could, and without any delay, I would be on the 5th channel up, with no slow 'loading' or 'rendering.'

If I hit the "channel up" 5 times fast on my comcast digital remote, i'll be 1 or maybe 2 channels up, and the screen has to load, etc.

Same for the program guide - navigation is so slow and clunky with the remote. Rendering the menu takes too long. Each remote command takes between 1-2 full seconds to do anything.

I long for the glory days of fast channel navigation. Is there any way I can stay with current technology (digital cable or satellite) and get a VERY fast interaction from the remote, as well as a more intuitive and responsive channel guide? Or do I need to hook up my old analog cable box to get this type of performance?

If this is possible - please let me know!
How old is your cable box? Most of our boxes are slow also, but when one went bad and the cable co. replaced it with a newer one, I noticed that the navagation was much faster. Check with your cable company. All our units are made by Motorola.
Problem is that with digital video compression, they only generally send a full frame every second or so; everything in between in is in the form of "whats changed since the last update." So, it means that if you want a pic when you change channels, you have to wait for the actual full screen refresh.

Bottom line, its gonna be slower than analog... I hate it too.