FAST and NOT THIN sounding PC recommendation?


I need a FAST and NOT THIN sounding power cord for my int. amp. Budget is $300. Any input will be appreciated.

Take a look at VH Audio Power Cords.
I am using one on my MF A300 integrated with great results.
Zu cable mother.Great pc for the buck
JPS Labs power ac or digital, AZ Tsunami is very natural, dynamic, detailed and relax/warm sounding.
Pure Note Sigma --
I will second Bigkidz recommendation of the JPS Power, but I actually haven't heard it! I did build a power cord using JPS in-wall cable, however, about 6 weeks ago, terminating it with Marinco 8215 male and 320 IEC. This cable will come in at around $100 for a 5 footer and is supposed to be VERY close in performance to the JPS power (according to the dealer I bought the raw wire from who has compared both, and also suggested that it would probably be very close from the dealer I purchased the Marincos from) at less than 25% of the new price of the JPS power and about 40% of what used Powers typically go for on Audiogon. All I can say is that for $100 it is a killer cord, with a real bottom to top coherence, smoothness and great bass performance as well. Not as warm, I think, as the Cardas Goldens I have in my system, this DIY JPS is probably more dead in the middle neutral. For $100, I would think it would stack up very well against cords going up into the $400-$500 range, and if you have the need, you can do multiple cords in your system for $300.
Zu Cable the "Mother" is OK in terms of the sounding. Though I found it poorly constructed, the sleeve will get separated with plugs easily and no shielding at all. I think it would be worth to buy if at $120.00 for a 2M one.
I use both the Pure Note Sigma and TG Audio SLVR. Great cords with lots of body. The Sigma is a few bucks cheaper.
Xxxjo, any power cord that does not limit current will not degrade sound or cause damage to your equipment. There is no such thing as a fast or slow power cord, you could forget that part of your hunt I would say.

Are the Sigma and SLVR close in performance? How close? I have the (1m) Sigma and want a better cable.


Hee: Not much diff. The Slvr is a bit better in the bass, IMO. These cords are good for the money but you may have to move up in price for the best performance. The AZ pc's are good but at $1500?

Thank you so much for your reply!
My typo in my previous message:
"...I have the (1m) Sigma and want a better cable..."

Should be:
...and want a cable with better bass.

Yes, I like the performance of Sigma other than the bass which make me very disappointed.

So, I think SLVR is not going to satify me, isn't it?

Thanksa again.

Hee: I think the Sigma is tighter in the bass (kick drum is impressive) than the SLVR. I don't think there is any volage drop with the Sigma since it uses 11-gauge silver wire. Some power cords can sound bloated in the bass too. You may want to try a few others to get the best match for your system.
Sonic genius, I don't imagine there is much difference in voltage drop in the 12awg in the TG and the 11awg in the Sigma.....Nothing is perfect in all situations, but that is what we strive for, a universal cord.....