rpeluso - Thanks for the heads up. Good read, great charts. 
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I'm glad this is continuing to get recognition. I found it odd that the engineer for Alabama Shakes was quoted. Their first two albums have terrible dynamic range.

I really want to support new artists, but over compressed music makes thousands of dollars worth of audio gear almost worthless. To me, over compressed music sounds better in my truck or the low end system at my cabin.

my sense from being there behind the board is the producer and sometimes the artist are to blame....but ya a heavy hand on comp or EQ and in case of the mentioned Alabama Shakes clipping sounds crappy.....maybe intentionally crappy, but still...

I find much of the most recent Low album unlistenable......

maybe I am just getting old....?
It can't just be that we're getting old.......unless by that you mean that the younger generation  1) have no appreciation for sound quality and 2) drive consumer commodity consumption and 3) are undemanding consumers with lots of disposable cash. In that case, yes, we are just getting old....but in that case, we shouldn't have to apologize for it, we should be proud of it.