Farewell my friends

Hello all.....just wanted to say goodbye. I've had a lot of fun here over the last decade and have made many good friends. I won't bother even starting to list names, as I'm sure I will miss enough names to become embarassed. I haven't been watching this site for a couple of months, and as expected, they finally pulled the plug on me after 30 years. Due to health problems and losing my job, I have decided to sell all of my equipment and exit this hobby of 35 years.

God bless you all, it's been a LOT of fun for me. I wish you all of the best, and happy listening.

Peace Out,
Sorry to hear of your misfortune.
You can still hang out every now and then.
Best of luck to you.

You will be sorely missed, John. I have really enjoyed your posts over the years, and the few times we have corresponded. I am very sorry to hear this news, and hope things are better for you very soon. Love to see you back here someday.

God bless.
John, best of luck with your health issues. I hope that everything works out for you.

I am truly sorry to hear that John.
I too enjoyed your company here on Audiogon.
I felt your posts truly contributed quite a bit to my audio knowledge.

I wish you the best of luck, good health and a long life.
(Or as Spock would say: "Live Long and Proper")

I'm very sorry to hear this, you will really be missed. You'll be in my prayers and hopefully everything will turn back around very soon.

Take care my friend!
We're going to miss you. I do hope everything works out for you. Perhaps, it will just be a short break. One doesn't need an expensive system to enjoy this hobby and the camaraderie it has offer. Best of health, best of luck!
John, I always appreciate your reasoned contributions to the discussions. I hope you'll come around again when the time is right.

I will look forward to that day.

Stay strong.
John, you are a "Class Act" that will be missed. Take comfort that the knowledge you shared will live on just like the wonderful music of the legends that have moved on.

I read more threads than participate because I'm somewhat intimidated by this "hobby."

You will be in my prayer's tonight and I hope everything works out for the best:-)
Best wishes for the future.

Sam Harwood
So sorry that you lost your job and have to sell your system but more importantly I hope your health gets better. Try to enjoy music as much as you can and if you have any medical questions feel free to email me.Good luck and try to stay positive.
My best wishes for a quick return to good health and good listening. Hang in there, friend!
I'm also very sorry to read the news. I've always enjoyed our conversations and your posts on the forum.
Take care of yourself and the family.
It has been said that the best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book…John, you got heart!
My Sincerest Appreciation,
Get a Focal XS-2.1 desktop system.
For $450, you'll have an extraordinary sounding simplistic system to keep you in music in your advancing age.
Honestly........this little system plays very very far above it's pedigree.
I wish you the very best! I have just lost my job and am thinking about down sizing.
We'll miss you John. Experience like yours is always needed here.

I hope your health gets better, which is the most important thing, and then I hope you can come back when you are ready and able.

best wishes,

I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune and that you are leaving.

I don't post often but feel compelled to do so at this time. You gave advice to me once and it felt as though it came from a friend. Thank you, you will be missed.
Very sorry/bummed to hear that. We will miss you. Do check in from time to time if you can. I wish you good luck and good health.
John, I second and third all of the preceding comments. You are indeed a class act, and I've enjoyed the discussions that we've mutually participated in very much.

During difficult times, when little or no light seems to be visible at the end of the tunnel, it can sometimes be hard to conceive of how things might eventually turn around and get better. But somehow they usually do. Repeating Grant's earlier comment, stay strong.

All the best,
-- Al
Audio equipment comes and goes
Health comes first
your advice and posts have been a tremendous help to me over the past few years
The future is an unknown territory, may it's exploration bring you good health and good fortune.
The Best Always
So sorry to hear this news. As one who has been reading and enjoying your posts over the years, I must say you will be missed.
Remember miracles can happen. I wish you good luck.

best of luck. God bless.
Good luck John!!
Also sending best wishes.

John, I have enjoyed your posts and our occasional correspondence over the years. You are a class act.
Best wishes. -Tim
Good luck. Sorry to be losing a vintage member like yourself.
I hope your health situation is not as bad as it sounds. Thanks for your advice over time.

E. Foster
Take Care John and God speed ! It has been a pleasure working and talking with you - things will work out - stay positive man ! Gotta say it John - I'll buy your Verity's !!!!
Good Luck and Godspeed ......


I'd also like to wish you the best. As mentioned above, we'd really like to see you back here some day. At least let us know how you're doing.

John, you should keep posting on audiogon as much as possible, because it will help you through the tough times. Things may look bad but we will help you through these times. You may sell your system but you still own the experience of building it and that education will help you help others which can get one's mind off the bad times.
John, like us you suffer of Audiophrenia Nervosa. Unlike a T-shirt, AN is not something that you take off and just throw it away... The disorder stays with you for good, pass the fun times and the trying times alike, past the times with big rigs and the times with no rig at all.... It's the malady that makes you believe that spending 4 days cooped-up in a hotel listening to music system after music system is not purely insane but supremely fun... It's the malady that causes many of us to live on the bleeding edge of divorce papers that we know will be served to us if we succumb to any further financial profligacy... it's the malady that makes you dream at night of visits to fantastic audio dealers who entrust you with the ownership of absurdly complicated preamplifiers, instead of dreaming of cars and babes like all 'normal' guys do.
Bottomline John... you are one of us for good like it or not... And do return often to keep us company at this watering hold for old audiofools... 'fore you know it, you shall be rigged up again!

Ciao, Guido
Please drop a line here once in a while if you can to let us know you ar alright.
All the best to you and your family.
My best wishes for everything to turn out the way you hope it will in the future.

As a very long time contributor here, a person of knowledge, insight, experience, respect, good humor, and class, you'll certainly be missed here on Audiogon. Know that if things feel right for you to return, whenever that day comes, and, hopefully, it will be soon, you'll be welcomed back with open arms.

Take care always,
You've been a high class contributor and it's our loss if you no longer participate.

Happy trails...until we meet again.
Best of health and God Bless John.
John - you've always been a class act and a knowledgeable contributor. I'll miss seeing your posts. Best Regards.
i hope i am not overreaching by saying this, but depression is more serious an issue than the importance of this or any other hobby, which is optional relative to having an overall sense of fulfillment in one's life. in spite of spending most of the last two years in and out of the hospital and away from my music, i turned to other patients, the nurses, and books to cope with pain and boredom. and anyway, don't ever feel you have to stop participating in discussions (or debates if need be); your views and opinions are always welcome, especially if it pertains to the current state of our "popular culture"-- or lack thereof! take care, as always.
John,you are one of the most recognized members in here,I enjoyed your posts,I hope all gets better,please come back to us when ready.
Hope your health returns! I hope you can rejoin your Audiogon pals even if you don't have a system. I'm not sure where you live but I'm sure you'd be welcome to visit and listen/hang out with nearby stereo buffs. I live near St. Louis and would help if needed.
Wishing you well,
My friend, I don't know you but I wholeheartedly urge you to, even if you lose the equipment, NEVER stop listening to the music!
Although I am a relative "newbie" and did not get the benefit of your sage advice, as indicated by others, I can realy empathize with your situation. Unfortunately, more people than ever, are in the same situation. I sincerely wish you the best. Never quit listening to the music.
John, I'm sorry to hear of your travails. You been a valued source of well reasoned opinions and you'll be missed. We all hope fortune smiles on you again, SOON!
Men such as you make this more than a forum, you make it a family. I sincerely hope that good fortune will find you and guide you back. Best regards.
John. I have never met you, but I feel I know you. Best to you and yours. Look forward to having you back.
John, I feel a little sick hearing your sad news.

I truly hope things work out for the best in the near future.
I always enjoyed reading your posts because they were almost always constructive and positive.

One thing, contrary to what many of us here have come to believe, one does not need expensive equipment to enjoy music.

Best of luck to you!
I'm sorry to hear about your health problems and job loss. As you can see, you have many friends here. I hope you'll count me among them. Best wishes. Keep in touch.

Hi John, I haven't been a regular on the gear forums for long enough that there's many conversations I don't even remember I took part in anymore to be honest, and find I can't recall when or if you and I ever conversed or corresponded specifically, but what I do know is that I certainly remember your moniker from when I used to hang out a lot back in the day, and only associate you with quality posts and want to say I always thought of you as a true gentleman. These days I peruse new chat on the boards only very occasionally, so I feel fortunate to have caught this and get the chance to wish you well. I do hope you're not going to stop listening entirely, the heck with audiophilia but keep music a part of your life my friend!
Hello all, thank you all so much for the kind words and support. I just checked back in to sell some more items, I guess I'll be around until I've sold the whole rig. I appreciate the interaction that I've had with all of you, it was a real blast for me. I hope that you continue to enjoy the hobby, as it does bring joy to so many.

I've been busier than I would have expected for being unemployed. I guess after 30 years working for one company, I had forgotten how much work went into finding a job and dealing with liquidating assests and reading all of the unemployment/ severance rules and regulations. Hopefully you will never have to deal with this, it's almost like a full time job!

Again, thank you so much for all of your kind words and I wish you all the best. I'll try to follow this thread a little closer as I check in to post more ads.

Enjoy the music (sorry to steal your line Art),