Fantastic Customer Service from Audio Classics

I purchased a McIntosh C2500 tube preamp from Audio Classics late December 2017 and received it around the 5th of January.  I loved it ever since it went into my system.  Last week I couldn't get the preamp to turn on so I did the processor reset and viola, it came on.  It happened 3 more times within the next 4 days, so last Friday night at 11pm, I emailed my salesman (Mike Sastra) and told him of the situation.  Saturday morning I received email from Mike saying he would talk with the Tech and would get back to me as soon as he heard.  Sunday afternoon Mike sent me a message saying he would swap the preamp for another they had in stock.  I told him I would pick up the next day as I don't like shipping tube equipment.  At 11am on Monday morning, Mike loaded the new to me preamp into my car and by 5pm I was listening to it in my system.

Consider that Audio Classics is closed on the weekend except for special appointments.  The fact that they took such good care of me on a weekend no less, speaks volumes about their work ethic and integrity.   I have purchased 6 McIntosh pieces from Mike in the past10 months and for any McIntosh equipment, I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.  They truly go the extra miles to make sure every customer is treated well.  I just can't say enough good things about Audio Classics.
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Truly a class act. Love both Mike and Ryan. Absolutely no BS. McIntosh would be in trouble without them.
Good guys there, they have all kinds of McIntosh parts and can service anything McIntosh 
Also great source for McIntosh remotes.....
  I can echo the other posts about Audio Classics. I have bought several components from them and have always been happy. 
I bought my Mac MA-7000 from them back in January total pros

So nice to hear people like you taking time to share their experiences. Usually you see negatives written here:)

I have never done business with them but I have heard and seen their website before. I know it won’t make sense to some of you but I would be very cautious doing business with them by just looking at their website. It doesn’t give me 100% trust for some reason. Thanks for the feedback, I wouldn’t hesitate to do businesses with them at all now.

Just to ad my own positive experience, in 2010 I purchased a used C220 preamp from Ryan. The main output was not working on arrival, and Ryan swapped it out, with shipping at Audio Classics expense, IIRC, for another one, which was fine for a while (the main output did fail eventually, as I think I was over-stressing the jacks with a rather long run of ICs. Since then, I have reduced the stress on the jacks and just use one of the other two single-ended outputs).

After a year, I decided to upgrade the tubes (to Mullard 12AX7 reproductions - a wonderful improvement, btw). Well, getting the cover off these units is tricky, and I lack patience. I ended up chipping the glass faceplate. I called Ryan to order a replacement. He replied that they might have a spare one lying around(!), and if I shipped it to him, he would take care of it for me, no charge! I did send it to him and got it back in perfect shape. Unbelievable customer service, especially for something that was well out of warranty and admittedly completely my own fault.

I don’t buy gear often, but I always check Audio Classics inventory before I do, just in case.

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What is it about their web site would make you think that?   Their retail store has a McIntosh museum inside and is one of the most beautiful, spacious and clean Audio store that I have ever been.  Unlike most Audio stores, the have a very immense stock.  You should hear the 2KW Mac mono blocks with their 15K tube pre driving a very expensive pair of Legacy speakers.  

They are not high pressure, they are quite laid back and also have a first rate service area which is in house.  I really would like to know what made you feel that way.   
i bought a mcintosh mx132 unit from audio classics back in 2013. it needed an antenna for 'fm' which i bought from kmart. but the am antenna was different. it needed a mcintosh antenna which audio classics sent me one for free. great 'customer service'! one of these go for like 100 dollars on ebay. 'audio classics. you are the best!!