Fantastic acoustic panel configuration

Hello Audiogoners, 

i have 2x4’ panels made of Owens Corning 703, placed on either side of my Vandys to catch early reflections. I have a Roxul panel behind me, as the room is medium-small, 11x16’.   I was playing around with my hands behind my ears, and I pulled the panels down from their position to beside my ears at roughly a 45 degree angle, forming an inverted cup around the listening position. 

Now, I’m sure there are good reasons why this isn’t a good idea, including the obvious aesthetic problems with this arrangement, but damn if it doesn’t sound good! The idea is, forget the early reflections; catch the latest reflections before they hit the ears! You may think that’s a butt-ugly way to set up a living room, but all I have to do is move the panels into position. It takes way less time than cleaning or cueing up a record, and you can keep it that way for a whole evening. It’s not an ideal sound, but it’s the best I’ve ever heard in the room I have. The great thing about freestanding absorptive panels is that you can move them around to experiment like this. It’s great fun. Try it if you have them! 

Good post. Panels can make a huge difference. The room gives at least half of what we hear. My room has treatment on all four walls plus the ceiling, and a thick rug over the wood floors. Speakers are also Vandersteens, the 2Cs. By far the biggest improvement in sound quality was meticulous setup and room treatment.