fantasti program for cataloging cd/lp collection

There is an amazing program for mac computers that catalogues your collection of anything with a barcode.
you scan it with your webcam and your cd appears in a bookcase with cover art and more info than you could ever want.
check out the trial version at
I hope that Delicious Library does work for you, but I found it to be extremely slow and unstable. Very disappointing.

I have been using a program called CD Pedia. It has all the features of Delicious Library, but it is solid as a rock and I can scan a title in every three seconds with a Bluetooth bar code scanner. I have nearly 2,000 titles inventoried and it is still humming along beautifully.

iTunes handles the music on the computer, and CD Pedia handles inventory of the physical disks. If I need access to a CD, I can find it within minutes.