Fanfare FT-1A Reference FM Tuner/Monitor

Any comments on the Fanfare FT-1A Reference Analog* FM Tuner/Monitor? If one is using a cable TV connector for FM reception, does it make any sense to spent money for an FM Tuner like this one (in my house, no cable, no FM reception)? This tuner offers both balanced and unbalanced connection options? Any comments on this?
I have been fortunate enough to audition the FT-1A in my home a few weeks ago. If you really have a high quality FM station in your area, you will really enjoy what this tuner has to offer. You may find it difficult to tell whether you are listening to a good CD player or this tuner. I used both the balanced and unbalanced outputs on this unit. I like the balanced best. It rendered a little quieter background and seemed to improve bass response. Fanfare is planning to upgrade this unit to add AM channels also. I am waiting for the new version to come out before I get one. Give it a listen, it's a really great sounding tuner for the money
I currently own the FT-1A, and completely agree with the previous posting. The Kimber silver internal wiring option is also very worthwhile. If you live near a good FM jazz or classical station, you will hear CD quality reproduction. Cable FM will not likely be as good as you can receive with the Magnum Dynalab ST-2 whip antenna ($85).If you live in a fringe area, The Magnum 205 "Signal Sleuth" RF amp can work wonders for signal strength and quality, along with the ST-2 antenna,(which can be used indoors, and hidden under a couch or behind drapes if necessary.) The Model 205 is a tunable amplifier for RF signals which amplifies the station frequency you desire, and traps out adjacent stations which may, in some cases, interfere with the weaker or more distant station you want to tune. If you have only average quality commercial stations in your area, which compress their FM signals, you will not hear what the Fanfare FT-1A is capable of. In the best situations, with a good rooftop antenna, it can be a mind-altering good time.
I would add that you shouldn't forget the Magnum Dynalab Etude either. Both the Etude and Fanfare are superb tuners, similar price, and I could be happy with either. I prefer the analog meters of the Etude (very retro), but the output flexibility of the Fanfare is very nice also. Try to listen to both if you can.
I just bought the Fanfare FT-1A and I agree with all the above postings. Unbalanced output comes in Hi and Low output. I prefer the Low output. This is a truly amazing piece of art which is highly musical. I sometimes tend to prefer its sound over my $6000 CD player. Give it a try. Use their own antenna for best results. And if you don t have a dealer in your region, they offer a 30-day trial period and excellent service!
Agreed - and Marv is a wonderful guy (the Pres of Fanfare)
Use the balanced and Kimber upgrade, good cable and a good antannae and anyone will be satisfied. Although I don't prefer it over my vinyl, I listen often.
I have an FT 1A and an FT 1Aii with the usb input which I use at my NJ beach house. Everything above is true. The reception quality rivals CD. I have a full half wave roof antenna and can pickup Princeton FM here in Western Phila area. Fringe reception is excellent and the analogue circuitry gives amazing sound.