Fanfare for the Common Man, recording in your experience?

Like you, I have favorite music and favorite recordings of that music.  I would appreciate your experience with what you have known to be the best recording of Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man".  I am interested in both the sound quality and performance.   Thanks. 

I have this 1966 mono Ormandy conducted version. Very dramatic.

It’s one of those albums I listened to in grade school during history lessons on that boxy phono setup.

Fantastic at high volume. I’ve heard many good versions on CD/files, but I happened to find a clean copy on LP, and it’s "the one" for my ears. Not an expensive find, but tough for a good copy.
Reference Recording has a version along with an excellent Symphony #3. Excellent performance and the recording quality is outstanding (especially for an audiophile).
Let me preface this by saying I’m not a huge Telarc fan (digital recordings) but I have this title on both vinyl (pressed in Germany) and compact disc (Japan). Both copies were purchased new upon release. I’m fairly certain the vinyl was only pressed once. I am not sure whether the compact disc has been reissued over time.


Copland – Appalachian Spring / Rodeo / Fanfare for the Common Man

Catalog ID: DG 10078 (from the LP)


The performance features Louis Lane conducting the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. I have always found the performance and sound quality to be excellent.

Thank you for your have given me some ways to spend money......for that quest we all share. 

I'll second the Reference Recordings for sonics and for the Symphony #3, where you'll get to hear the fanfare (slightly altered) again in the fourth movement.  Nice thing about this one is that it's also available on high quality vinyl.  There's also another Telarc recording on CD by Levi and the Atlanta Symphony (again with Symphony #3), recorded well after the Lane version, which I also can recommend, if you can find it.
I have a John Williams version that I like (very, very stately), but don't recall the orchestra/symphony and am too lazy to search for the CD.

Can't help but think of the Emerson, Lake and Palmer (SP?) version, but wish that that I wouldn't (think of it).


Copland wrote it as a stand alone piece, and later it became part of his Third Symphony.  I don’t think that I have any recordings of it without being part of the Symphony.  My two favorite recordings are Leonard Slatkin leading the St Louis SO (much preferred to his later, more Audiophile recording with Detroit, or Bernstein leading the New York Phil, on Sony
If made search The Japanese releases. 
   Have just a few releases on Japanese vinyl, there is no substitute.