I have a Fanfare tuner which I haven't used, But I'm thinking I might give it a try......Anyone with experience with those tuners.................Will
There is no FM in the Chicago area that does not have maxi commercials and/or news.
I prefer music.
There are dozens of stations on the web of all flavors that are 99% talk/sales free with great SQ.
Back in the day you had to wait to 'maybe' find out what you just heard. Now just look.
Free FM was pretty great in the 60's and 70's. That was about the last time it was worth listening to, for me.
Good luck to you.
Hey will, I had a B&K TS-108 FM tuner, made by Fanfare for B&K, who reportedly was located right next door to BK back then. Was okay for the low cost, rated fair on the fm tuner shootout. As others already suggested, I too much preferred my former McIntosh MR77 and current Magnum Dynalab FM Tuners for a bit more $. A nice vintage tuner would be sweet with your amps!

@autospec , this might resolve your location concerns:

when coupled to an appropriate antenna.
Looks like Fanfare is for the common man.
An old flashback review on fmtunerinfo, and not sure if i agree with some of it fwiw