I have a Fanfare tuner which I haven't used, But I'm thinking I might give it a try......Anyone with experience with those tuners.................Will
I had needs the very best outdoor antenna you can give it and be located in Boston, New York.....etc.   Where they transmit good FM sound.   
Stringreen:    That doesn't sound good, I live in the woods 100 miles south of Spokane , Washington............What I would call fringe area........Will
They were well-regarded in their day, as I recall, though perhaps not as much as other top tuners of the time  Hopefully you have a good outdoor antenna, but even then I'm not sure what you'll be able to catch that far from Spokane.  I suggest you hook it up and see what you can get.  Have you tried internet radio?  I use that now (have a Magnum Dynalab) and find it very enjoyable, as I can get stations from all over the world with it.
Anyone who raves about how good their tuner sounds has a decent antennae setup. 

You can get by with a cheap $3.00 dipole to get reception, but for maximum performance, it's all about the rooftop, or at least get this

I use a Mac MR71.
There is no FM in the Chicago area that does not have maxi commercials and/or news.
I prefer music.
There are dozens of stations on the web of all flavors that are 99% talk/sales free with great SQ.
Back in the day you had to wait to 'maybe' find out what you just heard. Now just look.
Free FM was pretty great in the 60's and 70's. That was about the last time it was worth listening to, for me.
Good luck to you.