I have a Fanfare tuner which I haven't used, But I'm thinking I might give it a try......Anyone with experience with those tuners.................Will
I had needs the very best outdoor antenna you can give it and be located in Boston, New York.....etc.   Where they transmit good FM sound.   
Stringreen:    That doesn't sound good, I live in the woods 100 miles south of Spokane , Washington............What I would call fringe area........Will
They were well-regarded in their day, as I recall, though perhaps not as much as other top tuners of the time  Hopefully you have a good outdoor antenna, but even then I'm not sure what you'll be able to catch that far from Spokane.  I suggest you hook it up and see what you can get.  Have you tried internet radio?  I use that now (have a Magnum Dynalab) and find it very enjoyable, as I can get stations from all over the world with it.
Anyone who raves about how good their tuner sounds has a decent antennae setup. 

You can get by with a cheap $3.00 dipole to get reception, but for maximum performance, it's all about the rooftop, or at least get this

I use a Mac MR71.