Fanfare FM-2G-C antenna

Anyone use a Fanfare "collge band" whip antenna? Results? Better than a standard whip?

I'd like to mount an external-outdoor but WAF prevents this. I can probably get away with doing a whip off the the center it any good?
I've had very good luck with the Magnum Dynalab ST-2 whip antenna ($95). The Fanfare is probably similar.
I own one, and the results have been terrific, both with my Sanyo ST-35 and my current Pioneer TX-8500II. I used it inside and got acceptable results until I could move it out to a 7 foot fence post right outside the window. It now pegs the signal strength meter on all the local stations below 92 mhz. I haven't tried a standard whip, but the 2G-C is pretty clearly more sensitive in the "college band" than outside of it.

I thought about climbing up and mounting mine at the peak of the roof, but I'm getting such good reception from the fence post that I don't really feel the need. YMMV.

Well worth the $100.

I have one mounted to the railing of my deck. I had the regular FM2 before this, but was unable to pick up college stations 16 mi away. Now, they come in ok. If mounted higher, it would be excellent(you must ground it then). Very reasonable cost. Good luck.

I'm not using the 'college band', have the regular Fanfare. The ccrane Reflect will beat the Fanfare for directional use. So if you have a station or stations coming from the same direction this is the best alternative and is more easily hidden than the Fanfare.
I have one as well as a Godar model 1A I think, (the one with rabbit ears), a Magnum Dynalab ST2, and a CCrane Reflect.
They each, with the exception of the Reflect, work better than the other one in different rooms, go figure.
If I had to pick one, I would go for the ST2. It seems the most consistant in all applications.