Fancy wall plugs?

I have read a few articles on high-grade power outlets, such as PS Audio. My question is do you need to spend money on PS Audio or can you get the same results with a high-grade outlet like a Hubbel or Leviton hospital grade. Also which is the best to use, 15amp wiring or 20 amp to the fuse box.
Hubbel or Leviton hospital grade will work fine. Also, Arrow Hart is a good brand.

15 amp wiring back to the breaker box will work fine for front-end components.

20 amp is best for amplifiers, projectors and other juice sucking equip.
I recommend PorterPorts, which are a custom ordered Hubbell duplex that Albert Porter has cryoed. I have installed a number of them, and am very happy with the results.

Ditto on the Porter Ports.
Triple on the Porter Ports!
Ditto on the ditto. Plus the Timo advice is, as usual, quite sound (pun intended)
Remember that you should do every receptacle in your system (wall, line conditioner etc.) In my opinion the PS Audio can be bettered for about $10 U.S. (providing you don't need a 20 amp receptacle) with a Hubbell HBL 5262. Cryoed versions of the Hubbells are worth the extra $$ whether you go with the Porter Ports or the Audioexcellence/World Power 5362. My preference is for a receptacle with non-plated contacts, which all 3 of the above have.
Those people don't know what they are talking about. Rather than going with their suggestions I would buy some of the Porter Port from Albert Porter.

I bought two of the PS Audio outlet before Albert got into the Port business. I think they work very well, but you will pay $50 for per outlet. Albert does not sell his for that much money and I believe they are as good as the PS Audio outlets.

So again ignore the great unwashed and get Porter Ports.
where do you buy the hubbel, leviton or the porter outlet?
I agree with HDM and a long time dealer has also recomended this to me. He was very specific to get the 5262 model and not the hospital grade. I would guess the cryoed Porter Port version would be very good also.
Ditto on the ditto on the ditto on the ditto.

Porter Ports, skip the rest, and go with the best. I have
three myself, plus several of the others out there that I tried first.

I wish I could start over and save the time and $ spent
before discovering Sir Alberts ports.

Just my humble opinion.
Albert Porter sells them here in the audiogon Classifieds. Go to the Home Page and typr 'Porter' into the search engine.
Thanks to all you Agoners for the input, I have placed my order with Albert.
highly recomended.awestruck....really!
Ditto on the ditto'ed ditto. Porter Ports are pretty amazing.
I have installed the Porter outlets. This is the one of the best upgrades I've done to my system and just for a few bucks.

Thanks again Albert
Hello Hrunge,

"This is one of the best upgrades I've done for my system and just for a few bucks".

That's exactly my point. Albert's receptacles offer true "bang for the buck", IMO. I normally wouldn't rant, but Porter Ports have made a larger improvement than my last cable upgrade, which was substantial. He's on to something.

Kind regards,
Brian Weitzel
I'm a novice with power conditioning. So if I understand this correctly, I can replace my standard Leviton wall outlet, that was wired into my house 30+ years ago, and may/should hear improvement in my sound? My amp, pre and CDP are all directly connected to the wall outlet.
In a word, yes, you will hear improvement. The Porter Ports are one of the best inexpensive tweaks that I've seen in years.
Didnt we just have a thread where come cryo'd and un-cryo'd outlets were passed around?
Some members sent them around A/Bing them and picked the best sounding as the un-cryo'd or could hear no difference between the two.
I use Hubbell and Leviton industrial grade.$10-$12/each.
You dont need hospital grade unless you are on 5 liters of 02 and sit right over the outlet.
I had the industrial outlets which I replaced with PS Audio and found the difference to be worth the money. This was before Porter Ports. I would buy from Albert if I ever need more outlets, based on all the great feedback he has received. Alberts Ports are cheaper and at least as good as PS Audio.

I have this strange feeling of Deja vu?!?
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