Fan to cool room?

 I'm looking for suggestions from ya'll for the best cooling fan. These summer evenings can get warm and even hot inside a listening room when tube amps are glowing and pumping electrons down the wires and into the speakers. 
 I like the look of the tall, slender fans that have a small footprint. Also, it must be quiet.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Ductless Mini-split!
Fans don’t lower the temperature. They make it seem cooler by making air currents move and evaporate moisture from your skin. The net effect of a fan is actually increasing room temperature over time as its motor dissipates heat. 

The only solution to cool the room is to exchange chilled air for the room’s warmer air. The quietest conventional method of doing this is forced air central air conditioning. Next in line is a ductless mini-split, but be prepared for some blower noise. Last on the list is a portable air conditioner (get the dual hose type, as they use outdoor air to liberate heat from the condenser) or a window unit. 

A less-conventional method could be running chilled water through a radiant system that is more often used for heating. The heat exchange might not be rapid, but with the right capacity it could do the job. 
+1 split system. I have one in my music room. And it’s awesome. Blower motor whisper quiet. Mine is the Mitsubishi 15,000 btu. About $5300 installed. 
I have a Dyson tower but not the purifier version, it cools me which is what counts and isn't too loud at the lower settings, more effective than the conventional fan I had before but not very robustly made for the price. It's enough in the UK but I'm coming round to the idea of Aircon if we end up in Montpellier (south of France), which seems likely next year.
I have found Vornado fans to do a great job of circulating the air and giving at least an impression of cooling.  Plus they are lifetime, no-questions guaranteed.  If they ever break, send it back to Vornado for a free repair.  The best I've experienced. 
I recently had a ductless mini-split installed.  A lot more expensive than a fan, but also quieter and more effective.
Vornado, hands down. The one I have, forget the model but the fan area is about a foot or so in diameter, whole thing sits maybe 16-18" high on the floor. You want it on the floor because that’s where the air is coolest. And you want it just big enough so it can sit a good ten feet or more away and blow a very gentle breeze on you as you’re listening. At this distance I can’t hear mine at all, nor does the breeze blowing past me create any audible noise since its so soft and angled mostly below ear level. Yet it is enough to keep me cool in my closed off room which with tubes and sometimes also projector generating a lot of heat would otherwise be extremely uncomfortable.

This is close to the one I have.
The beauty of it is on low like I said it works silent for listening, yet its also powerful enough on high to exchange the air blowing all the hot air out of the room if you want that. I’ve got another one similar but bigger, a real workhorse it stays out on the deck where its used to get my BBQ going when its not exchanging fresh air into the house. Had both of mine way over 10 years, never a problem and still just as quiet as ever.

Only thing I would do different if buying one today is go for one of the more expensive and stylish retro models. Now that I know how great their fans are the only thing that would be even better is if they look good. A doc here at work bought one on my recommendation a year ago, she loves it and says it looks great too.

If I were to get one today it would totally be this
In black. The retro style totally goes with the tubes. Sweet!
Great suggestions! 
I will definitely check out the Vornado and the Dyson. 
Besides being small footprint and effective (cooling), these models can be moved to other rooms. 
More suggestions appreciated.