Fan noise from Toshiba HD-XA2?

I managed to find and purchase a demo XA2 and looking forward to trying it as soon as I get an HDMI cable in the mail. But one thing that's puzzling me is that the rear fan noise is a bit louder than what I'm used to hearing from an A/V device. It's not a whining or clicking noise, just a normal fan sound. For those of you that have owned an XA2, is it normal to hear the fan quite a bit when the unit is idle with no disc?
My HD-A35 is also quite noisy.
I think it is an internal hard drive.
Remember: HD players are more computer than DVD player.
My A3 also has a fan and I can hear it from miles away. Ok, maybe not that loud, but I definitely can hear it from 5' away but then I do think I have good hearing otherwise I would not be an audiophile. Not a concern for movie though.
Hey I know the Best Buy's, and the likes, have been dumping these Tosh's at like $99-$127 or whatever. Anyone know if any of the disco'd models pass Dolby-HD or DTS-Master from the HDMI 1.3 out? - or do they any even process HD Digital internally, let alone pass it through a digital out?
Love the picture, but I've decided to return the HD-XA2 because the fan sounds very loud on this demo unit, almost like AC on medium blast in the car. Maybe something is wrong with the unit, or that's just how it normally sounds; anyhow it's very distracting when watching a movie at low volume or during quiet scenes, much much louder than my Optoma projector fan.