Fan in Audio Research tube pre-amp

Do audio research pre-tube like LS26, LS27, Ref 3 and ref 5 all come with fans? If they do, is the fan noise noticeable?
No fan in the LS26 and I suspect not in any of the other preamps you list. Tube preamps typically do not run hot enough to require a fan. Tube amps, including ARC models like the Ref 110 do have a fan as do some of their solid state amps like the SD135 which I owned.
If the ARCDB is still up and running it was/is an excellent resource for this kind of info.
As an aside I noted a tube power amp by Synthesis required an "ultra Low Noise fan" using the entirely encased design shared by many ARC tubed power amps. I can't judge if it is a detriment or not because I have not actually heard an amp with a fan for any length of time. Intuitively it would seem like a bad idea especially if it doesn't have its own isolated circuit. Sort of like turning on a blender in miniature while watching TV (Old TVs anyway).
No fan in the ARC Ref2 II, Ref 3 or Ref 5. I can't think of any ARC Pre that has a fan? But I dont know them all.

And the ARCDB is indeed a great site

There is a lot of fans of all of these preamps, and yes, some of these fans are very vocal about their love of them! Does that make them loud? I don't know, but I see some of them typing in all caps - which I think is the equivalent of shouting ; )

For the most part, ARC uses fans in some of their amps, but I don't know of any current or recent model preamps with fans. I have owned two ARC preamps, neither with fans for cooling.
I never owned an ARC pre with fans, but have had both Classic 120's and 150's with extermely noisey fans which I changed out from the Taiwan OEM originals for German Papst fans which run really quite.
I've got the top mounted optional extra fans in my current 610T tower amps, and these run really quiet, but don't know who is the OEM.