Familiar with Pro-Ject Phono RS line stage anyone?

Does anybody have an informed opinion about the Pro-ject Phono RS model? This is their top of the line model that is supposedly a killer line stage (according to my dealer) but there are no reviews on from Stereophile or TAS.
Totally agree, the Pro-ject RS is an amazing phonostage which can show any phonostage even costing $10k a thing or two to improve. The only achilles heel of the RS is the wall wart power supply. That needs to go for such a phenomenal phono unit. Either get the battery power supply from pro-ject or get a nice power supply done by someone like Teddy Pardo.
Looking for similar feedback in this thread:

I ended up buying the RS, in part due to the high recommendation of my trusted and reputable dealer. Others considered were used products at quite higher price ranges (used Pass Xono and used Parasound Halo JC3) but in the end I decided to just save some dough and give it a try. No complaints here! In fairness I don't have much to compare it to because it replaced an el cheapo Parasound phono stage and I've never had the opportunity to do any comparisons with other models.