False Advertising

Trying to find what the rules are on false advertising here. I recently purchased a preamp here and the ad stated it came with the power cable that connects to a battery and a remote for volume control which neither showed up when I received the item. I have tried sending messages to both the account of the seller and phone to which I have received no reply. The email of the seller that was listed after the transaction says it has been disabled.

I have since been able to put together a power cable which consists of using a powercon connector so I could at least see if the preamp works and it does. I really like the preamp but am pretty bummed that it did not come with a) the original power cable and more importantly b) the remote.

Is there any recourse for this? Could I get some money back via Paypal for falsely advertising that this unit would be coming with all the accessories that was listed in the ad?

Any thought?

No need to rush into a PayPal dispute, you have plenty of time to file.

I would actually have no hesitation naming names in a case like this if you get no satisfaction.

good luck and yes it has to be confirmed the seller received item back, but that only needs to be confirmation that the package was delivered by tracking number. If no signature required that would be it even if it sat on their front door for weeks.
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I bought a discountiued Cambridge Audio piece on Audiogon and the remote malfunctioned. I called the company and they searched around and found me a remote that worked and sent it to me free, so it is worth calling the company being nice and seeing if they will help you out.
Well I'm hoping I just received the answer as to what has happened. I decided to look back at the Paypal receipt and noticed the email listed was different than what was available here on Agon. The name was completely different than the name here on Agon as well but I've seen that before where the seller will have the spouse be the one to receive PayPal payments. So this morning I sent an email and just received a reply stating that the seller had left out of the country on a business trip right after shipping the preamp and that they will help me get the items that were missing. So hopefully this will have a happy ending.
That sounds good.  I know once inadvertently forgot to include the advertised remote with a DAC.  Just took and email and I rectified it super promptly, but we are all human....

I hope you get everything in order soon, and enjoy the music your purchase brings!