Fallow up on syn. from evo..

Since this post began scott and i have been emailing each other and discussing the matter.SCOTTS handling of this matter has been excellent and we now are trying to talk on the phone to resolve this..Yes i was angry a co. wanted 2600 to reterminate a 3400 pair of cables..they are great products and they do care about there customers and I am sure Scott and I well resolve this soon. To all the gentleman on this site..Scott kept his cool while i was bashing them for what i beleive now like Scott has stated to me was a legitamate mistake .
My upmost respect to Scott and SYNERGISTIC for there handling of this unfortunate situation.
While this situation was quite unfortunate, at the beginning! I do believe, in the end, you will be more than satisfied and Synergistic may have a few new customers based on their customer service alone. Congratulations to both of you, Evo for not just rolling over, and Synergistic for clearly pointing out that their customers are important.
Congrats to Synergistic and to Evo845, Prehaps the thread will help business and consumers alike reach a common ground. Undoubtly this was good, Synergistic could use this thread as a great case and market study, on how people in the Audiophile world feel about cable company's, price, costumer service vs. value. Synergistic if you read this thread I hope you take this topic your next mgt. meeting. And dicuss 1 on how ecommerce can affect your company pos. or neg. right now. ( I mean this topic blossomed like wild fire) And prehaps you can guse it to your advantage. There is know doubt some of us look at our hobbies as an investment. And prehaps at a certain level there should be some value added feature to the product you sell. If you buy a $200 speaker cable that's what you get. But if you purchase a $2000.00 speaker cable maybe you should reterminate the cables one time, if your system configuration changes. Just a thought. In a time when companies are evolving and slow moving Dino's are dying. Give me a reason to buy or seek out cable your $2000.00 dollar cables. I'm not sure sound alone is a good enough differeniating factor because at $2000 bucks they all good pretty darn good. Just my opinion alittle wordy I know, flame me at will. OO ya and did I say that AudioQuest bites. hehe
Evo845; glad to see that you're getting it worked out with Syn. Res. I too made some "not too gracious" comments about them, and have been on the 'phone with Scott Novak about these Agon posts, and some work I need done. It seems Scott is doing "damage control" on this, and you're right, to their credit, neither Scott nor Syn. Res. lost their "cool". They are interested in resolving this as quickly and fairly as they can, and IMO are a credit to the high end audio industry for handling this in an adult and straight forward manner. Craig