Falling out of love for my Gallo Strada 2’s (long)

History: For many, many years I enjoyed Martin Logan Sequel 2’s, followed by Ascents with a Logos center. I’m talking decades. About two years ago, my SO asked me to downsize from the monstrous Ascents.  So to comply with her request, I ended up with three Anthony Gallo Strada 2’s (F C R) and a pair of their TR-3D subs.  Still using the same pair of Monitor Audio bipolar speakers for surrounds for the last 20 years.  I’ve enjoyed the Strada’s, but always felt they were very light in the low end (should be expected from a speaker that size I guess). The Gallo subs were also anemic.  I used to run a Velodyne ULD-15 with my ML’s.  I recently bought a single SVS SB 4000 to upgrade the Gallo subs, and the SVS is actually amazing, but hasn’t helped the Gallo’s lacking low midrange. I’ve used my Anthem MRX-510’s ARC (room correction) to compensate for any room deficiencies, with some, but not dramatic success. It has the Gallo’s and the sub crossed at 160hz. I’ve tried lowering the crossover to 100 per some recommendations I’ve read, which didn’t do much. Note the MRX is acting as a processor and amp for the surrounds - I also have an Acurus 200x3 driving the fronts - it’s a 5.1 system.

For home theater, which is about 70% if it’s use, the system is great, but 2 channel music is where I find it lacking.  And I’m finding that percentage is leaning more towards music these days.

I realize I’m not comparing apples to apples with m experience with excellent full range Martin Logan speakers to tiny “lifestyle speakers” like the Gallo’s, so after a discussion we’ve agreed that I can go back to somewhat larger speakers if I need to...

Naturally my first instinct is to look for some used ML’s, but i’d like to consider more reasonably sized boxes if possible. My problem is I haven’t keep up with the market so I’m kinda starting blind.

Being in the NYC suburbs, theres a good used speaker market out there, but I’m hoping to get some guidance on where to start.  

I’m also not averse to buying new, but i’d prefer the used market to get considerably more for the money.

So my question is really two part.

1) Am I going to be able to find a way to open up the Gallo’s (I’d like to keep them if possible) - perhaps some overlap on the low freq crossovers?  Bring the Gallo’s back down to ~100 and raise the SVS maybe?  Or is it a lost cause?  I’d hoped the Anthem Automatic Room Correction would have done all that’s possible with that...

Or 2) Am I going to find good full range sound from bookshelves, considering my SVS sub, or am I going to have to go back to full size full range speakers?  In either case, recommendations? (Brand, model?) considering how much I loved the Martin Logan’s, should I just bite the bullet and go back to a set?  Note I’ll end up keeping the Gallo Strada 2 center, as it just fits my environment perfectly for now.

I’m prepared to spend about $2-3000 hoping to sell The Strada’s and subs to recoup some funds.  

Any suggestions are appreciated.
I’m having a similar dilemma with my Strada 2s used in a desktop nearfield system with a REL R205. Great imaging & clarity, but no mid-bass punch, just dull thuddy low bass. I’m planning to try some other subwoofers before giving up on them. Top contenders are Rythmik F8 or SVS SBS-3000, both of which cross over up to around 175, Has anyone compared these two subs? The F8 seems the preferable choice based on driver size alone. I can fit either one on my desk behind the Gallos, but big boxes will look more cluttered.
If you haven't heard them yet, I would recommend a pair of Audience 1+1 V3's.  I am quite happy with mine and they have a small footprint like the Gallo's.  I have them on stands.  I also use four ML subs to supplement the bass and like you I have a music/movie combo set up.  Good luck with your search.
I recently decided to try something different and took the Gallo Strada 2's out of my AV system. I replaced them with Klipsch Heresy 3's. WOW! what a huge improvement in realism and excitement. TV is much more intelligible and dynamic. 2-channel music sounds much better as well. Before the change, folks would come over and not even say anything about the Gallos. Now they ask, "wow, what kind of speakers are THOSE?"  I am so glad I made that change. Whodathunk!
After driving myself crazy researching sub-woofer alternatives to round out the Gallos (in my desktop system), On a whim I picked up a pair of Mark & Daniel Sapphires. What a huge improvement over the Gallos. I listened to just the Sapphires initially. Then turned on my REL (but dropped the cross-over down to around 50hz. After my ears have adjusted to the different character, I am loving them. The impact, pace & energy I was missing with the Strada IIs is there in spades. And the bass: simply amazing for a little 5" woofer. Not that the Gallos are bad. I just think they excel at a spacious, airy sound, and image better than the M&Ds (and just about anything else in this price range). The M&Ds are like biting into a steak after being on a vegetable cleanse for a week. Thick & juicy. No issues driving them to high volume with my Opera Consonance a-120 integrated.
could be the amp you're driving them with. My EP KCIIs, which are very efficient, sounded considerably better once I broke in my EVS 1200 dual mono 600/1200wpc. Best news it's only ~$2300 with 30 day money back