Falcon PSU & Tach

Any VPI owners out there who have tried either or both?
I have both and use them with my VPI Prime TT and they work great!
I use both with my VPI HW 19 MkIV . You must find out the motor wattage and buy the correct PSU .

The combination is highly recommended . I sold my SDS as the combo was much better at providing the correct Speed
Thank you both. Sounds like a no brainer, just on price alone.
Their website seems to be non responsive. Are they still active and supporting their product? A used item is currently on offer but not sure which wattage it is for
The Falcon is for motors up to 5 watts. The Eagle is for motors over 5 watts. They were in business a few months ago.
In business? Yes. Probably really, really busy. You can even buy these through Amazon.  I would get the Eagle to avoid any heat issues and I think it's the right one for your TT anyway. Google Phoenix Engineering and you'll find a lot of information for these including some measurement data for it and competing models.