FAL speakers and drivers

Does anyone have experience with FAL speakers and/or drivers?
saw them once at a tradeshow....i think they are long gone
I've heard them several times at CES and always felt they had one of the top five rooms. They are made in Japan. Here is a link to their website: http://www.sibatech.co.jp/FAL/FAL%20Top.htm

If they have a us importer, I did not see it on their website. Anyway, they make a piano sound like a piano. Jeff
I know "Bent Audio" owner John Chapman is big on them...looks like he even sells them now? He has a forum at the Audiocircle, maybe you should post at that forum?


Good luck,
Yes, I've spoken with John and I think I've read everything there is to read about them on the internet. It's good to hear things like "they make a piano sound like a piano" from people who have actually heard the speakers.
If I buy them, I will buy them from John since we are both in Canada.
I have difefrent speakers, FAl are among the best.
Still There are some dealers at uk, you can check this page: