Fake / Counterfeit Siltech cables ???

I guess somebody has posted an ad indicating counterfeit Siltech is rather widespread in Asia.

So I recently purchased an Siltech FTM3 with WBT 0150 Locking RCA from another Audiogon member. When I got the cables, I noticed the jacket has *nothing* printed on it. The jacket condition appear to be good so I doubted if the original print has faded. That gets me very very worried.

Does anybody own Siltech FTM3 before and could enlight me if this is normal? Thank you.
why not just contact Siltech directly? surely they would give you something to go on.
Check the web adres below, this is the original Siltech website which gives example's of fake products.


Regards Jan
I had similar doubts so I e-mailed pictures to Siltech. They confirmed it was original.