Fake Audioquest cables?

Are there such a thing? I think I may have bought one "used" from an Amazon seller.

Do you have photos of the cable in question?

If you find the cable is not as represented my guess is Amazon would help you out.
The Audioquest cables are produced in China anyway. so grey market is the most likely, but plenty of cables are counterfeited.
The whole issue is buyer be wary.
I just do not buy cables from private sellers anymore at all.
If cables had just a reasonable markup over production costs, it would not be such a bad problem... LOL
The cable looks identical to the pictures that Audioquest has. It was the price of the cable (about 1/3 retail) that had me worried. I had not thought about the "authenticity" when I bought it.
Well I bought a fake pair of Sky a few years ago from a member with good feedback until I sent my purchased pair to AQ for their inspection. When compared to a "real" pair there was a very slight jacket coloration difference as well as a different feel as to the weight of the conductors. I too fell for a deal that was too good. A legit seller isn't going to give high quality cables away...
Then you probably have a grey market cable. They are actually the same as 'real' AudioQuest cables, except they are not imported by the company. they find thier way here via grey market means.
The only problems are no warranty, and they may be seconds.
Ok, thank you Elizabeth.
Yea you need to be carful I got some bad Kimbers a couple years ago sent them to kimber and they wanted to charge me about $250 to authenicate because they would of had to pull the connectors off but they where pretty sure they where not there cable.
That is a common problem, Production in China can create a lot of problems...
I heard, it is mainly the Sky cable which is sold as fake?