Fairy Tales by Radka Toneff


Her voice is mesmerizing.

I had listened to this CD more than 60 times since I bought this CD on 1990.

This one is also useful to test new audio system.

Her voice shall sound detailed and nuanced,  but not harsh or too much sibilant.

This morning I happened to see this CD by chance.
I had not listened to it for the last 5 years.

It is like meeting old friend after a while.

I feel sentimental while listening to CD.

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Track 2 is the most challenging.  Highlight how well B+ regulation is done in each amplifying component.  
Much better test record than the likes of Teresa Teng. 


Thanks for your valuable opinion.

I agree with you.

It's been many years since my last listen too & I'm planning on it later today.

"Imported by: Audio Advancements"

Some old CD's get tucked away for extra safe keeping like a time capsule.
She commit suicide at the age of 30 on 1983.

Even without knowing the fact, her voice is serious and mystical.
Yes, a very nice sounding CD; if you can find the original LP, it is amazing that it actually sounds better than the CD.  I have both, and listen mostly to the CD (too lazy to do much records these days; the CD has been ripped to a server).

I never played Fairly Tales Vinyl so I can not compare between Vinyl and CD but CD sound good enough to me.

I also ripped the CD into my music server yesterday so that I can have easier access.
I heard this woman for the first time the other night.  I just ordered this CD.  Can't wait to hear it in my system!