Fairly new to streaming. Where to start?

$2k & under budget

Aralic Vega has streamer  and DAC. May be the easiest start?
Then there is Schiit...Yiggy or Gumby...which streamer?
Ladder NOS dac? Or Chip? I'm old. maybe I'll like the old school DAC?
Then there is  Benchmark DAC 3...I think it has streamer?
Exasound E32
Audio Mirror?
MHDT Orchid
Border Patrol?
Musical Paradise?
Whats a newbie to do? I am a classic rock fan with lots of FLAC & M4a files. I like detail & PRaT. Love a good bass line. I also play some 70's jazz. I have a Theta Miles CD player from the 1900's & play a lot of vinyl too. But I need to come into the 21st century.  Besides, I will probably become tired of the vinyl ritual and work at some point as I get older. I think I have done enough homework to be somewhat confused. Maybe the biggest question in light of how fast digital changes is the question of streamer with DAC or separate Streamer and DAC. One other question is the streamer & bridge the same thing? OK Thanks!! 
  Hi , I'm streaming Tidal to a Schiit Yiggy from a laptop. I’m happy with the sound but consider this . A wired source will sound better than wireless . And the type and quality of your digital cable will make a huge difference . Also Tidal’s MQA sounds good to me . So consider if you want MQA decoding in your system . And with Schiit products , they don’t support MQA . A friend just went to a total Bryston front end and it sounds very nice to me . Cheers , Mike B.
Hi Mike. MQA might be good or not but this is not the issue. I just wish to have a CD quality sound with Tidal. The difference is not huge but  it is something between pleasing and non-pleasing sound (Tidal sound is not that crystal clear).  I did not try wireless (the modem is at another location), did you
yourself compare the two options? Why it should be the difference if all the internet signal comes wireless? You mean the digital cable from the modem to the player? Cheers , Nodari
Someone earlier mentioned Linn and although I have their streamer I think according to what OP said... That this won't be right for amplification. Linn is very analytical and if he likes a good bass line... Maybe Naim a better bet UK. Other streamer choice is the Austrian brand project... They do a S2 stream and separate DAC which get good reviews.
Arcam do a SACD player which as a very good DAC built in (although the streamer part not quite as good as my TOTR linn klomax streamer... But a fraction of the price) 
Try a BluMe HD.  Sounds great and very cheap. Streaming is my 3rd option for source material. That all you really need if you are in a similar situation.